Design with Stylish Curtains for Every Room in Your House

June 8, 2023


Curtains can and should be hung beyond the window still. Their eye-catching designs, diverse textures, and wide range of fabric thicknesses allow curtains to serve different functions. Japanese noren curtains can be used in corridors to create clearer sections between rooms. Sheer curtains can be hung above balconies to create an elegant decoration. Synthetic eyelet curtains can surround a shower area to prevent water from splattering over the bathroom floor.

In interior design, a stylish curtain’s colour, patterns or window treatment can drastically change a room or house's tone and vibe.

However, rooms in a house are sectioned off for different purposes. Therefore, if you want to hang a curtain in any room at home, you must consider the room’s function and match your curtain’s window treatment, fabric and design with that purpose.

In this article, you will learn how to design stylish curtains for every room in your house with straightforward design tips and guidelines from scientific studies and professional interior designers.


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The living room is the easiest place to design with curtains. Since this room has no particular specifications, your living room curtains only need three essential curtain functions:

  • control the amount of natural light and heat that enters the room
  • add to the room’s welcoming comfort
  • enhance the living room’s aesthetic.

Curtains in other rooms would have more specific requirements that we will address later.

Aside from those three functions, the only one other unspoken rule for living room curtains: always choose floor-length curtains. Floor-length curtains can make a room look much larger and grander than it is, especially when the curtain rod is hung 10-15cm above the window frame.

Otherwise, the living room is the perfect blank canvas to express your personal style and taste. The living room is where you receive guests, so give it your all to impress your friends and family! 

If you are still searching for some inspiration, here are two of the biggest interior design trends you can consider:


1. Vintage

Following the wave of nostalgia of bold patterned fashion, vinyl records and Stranger Things, many homeowners today are taking inspiration from the past to welcome life into their homes, a strong left turn from the sleek yet coldness of minimalism and modern interior designs. This maximalism trend emphasises bold patterns, antique furniture and warm, moody palettes to set a homely environment.

Some recommended colours for vintage curtains are mauve, sage, rust, terracotta and paprika. Try florals, gingham or Arabic geometric patterns if you want patterns on your curtains. Laced curtains and cream sheers also work wonderfully with the vintage aesthetic.


2 Warm minimalist movement

Some homeowners still want to maintain the simple, clean look of minimalism while also adding more life and fun to their rooms. Hence, modern minimalism has evolved into warm minimalism. In particular, many people are following the minimaluxe style, where rooms are designed to be luxurious with the simple designs, creating a casual, welcoming, and approachable form type of luxury. Soft shapes, natural textures and airy light-tone colours define this trend.

Aside from choosing cream or beige colours for curtains, you can create minimaluxe curtains by hanging a set of layers of curtains. Layering is a popular window treatment that looks grand and graceful with a set of velvet and sheer curtains while providing better control over the room's lighting. With the sheer curtain, you can let natural sunlight into the room and block out heat waves without compromising your view. At night, you can draw the velvet curtains for complete privacy.

Tiebacks are an easy way to hold back your layered curtains while adding more elegance.

If you want to learn more about layering curtains, find more detailed advice in this article here:

We also explore the 2023 design movements and how to design curtains in these styles in our article here:


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As the place for a good night’s rest, bedrooms have to be quiet, comfortable and dark to set the right sleeping environment. Therefore, you should choose thick, blackout fabrics such as velvet curtains that can block out intense rays of light from streetlights or an early sunrise and block out any busy noises from the streets. A curtain with a matte texture can also absorb light in a room, creating a dim drowsy environment that will lull you to sleep.

However, the most crucial part of your stylish bedroom curtains is their colour. According to The Sleep Doctor, different colours have different environmental, social and cultural associations, which can affect our response to them. For example, we feel most excited with red colours because we associate them with passion, love and danger. Red also has the most difficult wavelength for our eyes to absorb. Hence, it is eye-catching and attention-seeking.

In general, cool colours are the best for bedrooms because they give a spacious, restful vibe. The colours that capture this ambience the best are:

  • Blue: Most shades of blue, especially lighter tones, can calm the nervous system and ease stress due to their association with clear skies and clean water. These tranquil images help people transition into a state of calmness and relaxation.

  • Green: Its association with plants and mother nature also create the same calming effect. However, you must be careful when choosing its colour tone. Yellow-green colours would induce an ‘ick’ due to their association with rotten food. Choose soft shades such as mint or green shades for that Zen feel.

  • Beige: While this colour may be basic, it is the best colour to minimise any distractions within the room and balances well with any other colour. While white may be more effective at removing distractions, beige’s off-white and slightly brown hues have warmer, more comfortable hues.

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You can also try darker shades of coloured fabrics instead of lighter tones for your bedroom curtains, as dark colours can make a room feel smaller. This enclosure can create a cosier environment, like a warm hug with the right shade.

Children’s bedrooms and nurseries need a different approach with bedroom curtains. While you can choose light muted shades of blue, green or cream for an ideal sleeping environment, you can also create a positive, joyful vibe in a bedroom to create a fun and peaceful environment for your children. Light to medium orange tones, such as marigold, apricot and honey, and light yellows, like macaroon and buttermilk, bring these positive vibes. 



Bathroom curtains are one of the trickiest fabrics to work with because regular fabrics in bathrooms can quickly become damp moisture and grow mould if they are not washed regularly. Usually, curtains are unnecessary as most bathroom windows are small and placed near the ceiling to allow natural light into the bathroom.

However, if your bathroom windows are lower, larger and far away from any of the bathroom amenities, you’ll need roman blinds or double blinds to protect your privacy and control the amount of light in the room. Roman blinds have simple motor mechanisms, making removing and cleaning their fabrics easy. It also takes up minimal space and folds, reducing the chances of water stains or mould.

You can use linen or polyester for the curtain fabrics of the roman blinds as they don’t absorb water quickly and allow enough sunlight to stream into a room without overpowering it. Design-wise, textured fabrics can add natural elements to your bathroom, while geometric patterns with oceanic patterns give your bathroom a classy and playful vibe.


Curtains in bathrooms don’t have to be used on windows alone. They can be hung around shower areas and bathtubs to add privacy and allow more than one person to use the bathroom simultaneously.

For this scenario, hang a pair of plastic, polyester or synthetic eyelet curtains, as these fabrics are waterproof and can prevent water from spraying all over the floor. It is also hard for them to get mouldy. Polyester and synthetic curtains come in various graphic designs, colours and patterns, so it is easy to find a curtain fabric in your ideal style.

The mechanisms for eyelet curtains are simple and can be made of waterproof materials so they will not rust. If the curtains need a change, it is extremely easy to change an eyelet curtain in less than five minutes.

Read more about eyelet curtains here:



The kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house. There can be fire hazards from the stoves and ovens, water hazards from the sink, and it is a place where you handle knives. Therefore, kitchen curtains must be short and safety-proofed while being stylish. Curtains are not generally used in kitchens because fumes, smells, and stains can easily dirty fabrics, but the right choice of curtains can beautify the kitchen while protecting the cooks from blinding light outdoors.

First off, you need to follow the following safety rules before buying and hanging your kitchen curtains:

 Hang your curtains away from stoves, ovens and sinks.

“For safety and ease of operation, it is important to manage window coverings so they don’t get stained with food splashes or burned when placed too close to gas tops or hot surfaces. Consider a valance or kitchen blind that stays contained within the window area.” - Jane Lockheart of Jane Lockheart Designs.

Choose durable fabrics that don’t stain or catch fumes easily for your kitchen curtains.

As Julia Mack says, “Either way, it is very important to select the correct material, one that will repel food stains, mildew, and mould.” Some great examples are porous curtains such as vinyl or synthetic fibres like polyester as they are easy to wash.

Linens are also an excellent fabric for kitchen curtains as they are breathable and durable fabrics that are easy to wash, and they can block out the sounds in the busy kitchen. You can also get UV-resistant and fire-retardant fabrics for better safety measurements. 

Never use billowing curtains, swags or tassels as the stray thread and elongated fabrics can easily catch fire.

These factors make roman blinds the most popular and safest choice. The home-styled curtains don not extend beyond the window frame and take up minimal space, reducing the risk of stains and fire hazards. They also have a very streamlined, neat and lightweight structure, which allows more natural sunlight into your home while blocking out heat.

However, for a more decorative approach, you can also use cute café curtains, which are short French-pleated curtains no more than a few inches long. They can be placed in the middle or on top of the curtain. They can also be accompanied with embroidery or lace for a quaint appearance. While they are not as practical, these curtains have a unique, warm and welcoming look in your kitchen while always letting in natural sunlight. They look great on petite windows too!

To get stylish kitchen curtains, get playful with curtain patterns to bring life and fun into your kitchen by choosing fabrics with floral patterns and natural textures. For geometric patterns, choose curved shapes to balance out the hard edges of tabletops, cabinets and kitchen appliances. Plaid is also a popular choice for kitchen curtains.


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