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The satin embrace of your favourite armchair. A soft glow emanating from sheer curtains. The clean beauty of a timeless pattern. That special something that stands out from the rest: this is what drives us.

Purveyors of fine fabrics since inception in 1994, Acacia Fine Fabrics is credited as one of the first to introduce fine textiles and superior interior furnishings to the Asian market. Budding from small beginnings in Malaysia nearly 25 years ago, we have grown throughout Southeast Asia to meet the demands of an ever-discerning clientele. From services to products, we will only provide the very best.


Acacia Prestige

Hand-woven by artisans for connoisseurs, Acacia Prestige is one of Acacia Fine Fabrics’ flagship lines.

In the world of textiles, Acacia Prestige is the equivalent of a bespoke suit from London’s famous Savile Row. Carefully crafted with exquisite attention to detail, Acacia Prestige promises to elevate your commercial or residential properties to a class above the rest.


A true child of their time, FR-One fire resistant fabrics are safe, modern, ecological, versatile and stylish. From the very beginning, the focus of the FR-One brand has been to provide fabrics that are a perfect marriage of innovation and design.

FR-One was born through extensive research into the inherent fire resistant characteristics of different fibres. We built upon what we learned, realising our dream of failsafe, fire retardant fibres. Once this technical feat was achieved, our love for bold colours and strong designs took over, and FR-One sky-rocketed to become a world standard.


FibreGuard is your convenient solution to carefree, easy living.

FibreGuard’s Stain Free Technology allows you to enjoy your sofa or favourite armchair assured that it will be able to stand up to everyday stains. From coffee, to red wine, colas, soy sauce, ketchup, crayon, chocolate and ice-cream, most common household stains are easily removed without hassle.

UV Pro

UV Pro fabrics are engineered to last for years without losing their colourfastness, durability or water/stain repellent qualities.

The extensive designs and colour palette make UV Pro fabrics the most practical and functional solution for outdoor use. UV Pro is also the perfect solution for interior fabrics that will still look lovely year after year.

Fabric Library

Fabric Library

Fabric Library, designed to be budget-conscious yet packed with style, is loved by house-proud people the world over. Affordable and full of character and class, Fabric Library’s popularity hinges on its distinctive ability to capture the imagination across cultures and tastes. It has been embraced in cities and suburbs alike, the gorgeous colours and patterns speaking for themselves.



YarnPro is a careful blend of the latest liquid stain repellent technology and top quality. Our long-lasting, low-maintenance fabrics give your home a polished, modern feel with very little effort.

YarnPro fabrics easily pass tough quality and durability tests. Their washability and endurance are proven to withstand everyday wear and tear.



Twinbru is the digital product and services division of Bru Textiles. Twinbru services includes 3D modeling, rendering, visualisation of fabrics on 3D models and/or curated room scenes and the building of asset libraries for digital textures, models and scenes.