Style With These Top Curtains Design Trends For Your Home

May 15, 2023

by Kristen Phang

We are falling in love with bursting with creativity, pleasing aesthetics and mesmerising colours coming out of the design world. 

Look at the top curtain design trends of 2023: the beautiful Arabic, gingham and floral-patterned fabrics, cute curtain accessories, and casual luxe drapes bring refreshing and exciting new design possibilities to our homes. On a broader scale, the vintage and maximalism movement is filling our rooms with plenty of traditional details and elaborate accessories with a modern sensibility. In contrast, the minimalism movement has evolved into a warmer, more welcoming style.

We can’t wait to give our curtains and homes a new makeover with these top curtain design trends! But how can we incorporate them in our current homes?

In this article, you will learn how to incorporate 2023’s top curtain designs trends into your home with simple, easy design concepts provided by leading interior designers in the industry. 


Ritz Glitz / Collection

Your Curtain Style follows your Home’s Design

First, you will need to determine your room’s style.

Regardless of whether you are sticking to your original style or trying something new, every item in your room must contribute to the room design and style to create a harmonious, aesthetic environment. 

Interior design is all about unity. Once you have chosen a design trend for your home, it will be much easier to choose your curtain style.

For example, if you want to follow the latest modern vintage design trend, you will know that you’re looking for curtains with warm hues and elaborate designs. 

According to Malaysia’s Design King, Eric Leong, style isn’t the only factor that should influence your room’s designs:

“First thing first: the needs and the practicality. Don’t just blindly follow the design trends, as you are the one who is going to live in your house and use it daily; hence, it must be practical and reflect your lifestyle.”

He also advises homeowners to not limit their possibilities to one trend too quickly. Take your time to look through Pinterest and create a catalogue of style possibilities. Once you have constructed your dream home through models of inspiration, it would be so much easier to determine exactly what you want for your home. 

Now, let’s start exploring the possibilities of each curtain design trend!

Designing with the Top Curtain Design Trends


Ritz Glitz / Collection

Patterned curtains are back!

The way we used to use patterns in the last decade often clashed hard against the formerly dominant minimalist movement. They often looked gaudy compared to the sleek sophistication of minimalism’s clean shapes and monochrome palette, hence patterns took a back seat in designs for a while. 

With the rise of the modern vintage and maximalism movement, along with the artistic experimentation of interior designers, we know new modern ways to play with patterns.

For the maximalism movement, choose curtains with fun, exciting and beautiful designs. Small patterned graphic prints, gingham or check, and floral patterns work incredibly well in any modern home. However, with small patterned curtains, the large piece of furniture or the walls of your room should be plain so that your environment doesn’t look too visually “busy”.

You can use more than one pattern in your curtains! For example, in layered curtains, you can pair curved patterned fabrics with curtains designed with geometric shapes. The fluidity of curves and the rigidness of sharp shapes creates a balanced juxtaposition that elevates each other’s design and makes an attractive pair of feature curtains. 

If you want your curtains to elevate a room’s design instead, use scaled-back and subtle patterns. Interior Designer Danielle Rollins personally recommends playing with textures as they are a perfect way to introduce soft and welcoming subtle patterns into your home. 


Opera / Collection

Back to the Vintage

Modern Vintage is the most dominant interior design trend this year that is here to stay. This cosy, welcoming style is defined by warm homely hues, elaborate and richly coloured patterns and quality preloved vintage furniture.

When it comes to curtains, you should choose a warm, saturated and moody palette like earthy brown, rich dark reds, natural deep greens, and beautiful creams beiges for that vintage vibe.

Among all the comfy hues, paprika is the most comfortable among the cosy shades because of its deep, rich yet bright tones. Rust is also an excellent choice because, as Tecla Tangorra of Labscape Architecture and Design describes, “It has the boldness of red, stability of grown and energy of orange.”

Modern Vintage also gets its sense of character by taking its rich history patterns from far-flung places and times like the 2000s, 1990s, 1970s and 1950s. Fun, elaborate designs, such as Arabic patterns and floral patterns, will bring the vacation mood right into your home. 


Vineyard / Collection

Get Playful with Colours!  

As you would expect, silk adds a luxury to anything it is made from. If you would love to exude a heighten sense of indulgence or creating a romantic setting, you may consider using this valued fabric as one of your options. Draping excellently and flawlessly, its softness and flow is pleasing to the eyes and touch as well! However, do note that it may get a little pricey in terms of maintenance and is vulnerable to sun damage so you may want to consider adding a lining to the silk to protect the fabric.

“Over the last year, we have seen a big shift from cooler tones towards softer and warmer shades, helping us to create cosy spaces within our homes. Neutrals and warm tones help us to create calming and restful schemes, working particularly well for bedrooms and living rooms, spaces where we seek peace and comfort.” - Ruth Moothershead, Little Greene.

Aside from the deep rich reds, cool oceanic dark blues like Aqua and Lapis lazuli are rising in popularity because they are great backdrops for artworks and paintings. Off-yellows with mellow tones like Honey and gold are also gaining popularity, but they can be hard to pair. If you want glowing yellow curtains, pair them with leafy greens, serene blues or rich bronze. 


Twister / Collection

For neutral tones, move away from the cold greys and choose traditional cream and beige colours, as homely, off-white shades feel more intimate, inviting and familiar. 

Whatever colour you choose, your curtain colour choice should follow the 60-30-10 colour rule: 

60% of the room should be covered with your main colour, particularly on your walls and ceiling. 

30% of the room should be covered with your secondary colour by big furniture, including your curtains

10% of your room will have an accent colour, which would be the colour of your accessories and smaller items. 


Taffy / Collection

You don’t have to follow these guidelines. Choosing the main colour for your curtains with darker shades helps your curtains blend into the background, while an accent colour turns your fabrics into a feature curtain. However, this rule can help you explore different colour combinations, such as: 

  • Silver and gold
  • Green and orange
  • Bright colours and Off White
  • Coastal colours: Ocean Blue, Grey-whites, Muted Greens
  • Warm + Cool colours


Ritz Glitz / Collection

Be casually glamorous with Luxe Drapes! 

Do you want a grand living room but have a limited budget? Then, transform your space with a pair of luxurious curtains!

Hanging a curtain made with high-quality materials, rich colours and possibly intricate subtle designs can drastically elevate the luxe factor of your room. Even a university dorm room can transform into a chic escape with velvet rose pink curtains!

While we all want to feel glamorous, we don’t want to look intimidating either. Tara Bernard, an internationally renowned interior designer, shares:

“While that feeling of luxury remains very important, don’t we now all want something that feels approachable, too?"

This perception lead to the counter minimalist luxury movement, where homeowners aim to change their cold interiors soft shapes, textures and colour to create a light and airy ambience. 

To transform your minimalist curtains, you can purchase a new set of off-white sheers or light curtains with a bit of extra length at the end to create a flowing pooling effect. Just wash your curtains regularly to maintain their grace since pooling curtains can get dirty quickly.

Choosing sheer curtains and layering them will also achieve minimalist luxury with light airiness and graceful grandeur. Layering is another way to make your curtains both luxurious and practical. Alison Giese notes that laying adds depth and interest to a space. 

Learn more about style with layered curtains in our Ultimate Sheer Curtain Design Guide here:


Pure Linen / Collection

Let Nature be Your Home

Having a potted plant or a wooden coffee table at home feels comforting. Adding natural elements like live plants, wooden textures, natural fibres, and ample natural sunlight has been a rising trend with the Scandinavian style, and continues to prosper with the warm minimalism movement. The natural features balance out its original cold and professional nature in minimalism with more welcoming features that help us develop a more positive and brighter outlook on life. As Lee Broom says:

“Minimalist living is not only about having a clean home. It is also about celebrating nature and authenticity.” 

As our societies are growing more environmentally conscious, adding a few plants at home is a great environmental contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

When it comes to curtains, we first recommend using natural materials such as cotton, linen, flax and silk. While the same appearance can be found in polyester alternatives, it doesn’t have the fluidity and authentic texture you may be looking for. If you want to keep your windows open to let the sunlight stream into your home, use some cotton or hemp rope as a tieback. 

Nature-themed patterns are another great way to bring life into your curtains, but don’t limit yourselves to florals. You can also use patterns with leaf and tree motifs, graphic vines and maybe a few birds. These patterns are an excellent way to bring an exciting and soft touch into your home. However, if you want something more classic and subtler, try natural textures like rock, bark, and fur.

If you want plain coloured curtains, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate brown mesh well with natural elements. As Mottershead puts it, “Pistachio provides soft sophistication - it contains complex pigmentation, significantly more than just blue and yellow, adding to its allure”. In contrast, dark chocolate brown has a dramatic effect that makes the room stand out overall. 


Source from Pinterest

Add a Few Homemade Accessories for that Homely Touch! 

DIY accessories are a unique and affordable way to give your space a customised and personal touch. It’s common practice for home decorators too! Many people don’t change whole sets of curtains because it can become time-consuming and expensive. Instead, they hang plain or light-coloured curtain fabrics so that they can adapt to new design trends with curtain accessories. It’s also a sustainable way to be trendy!

Tiebacks are particularly popular because they add a lot of volume to your curtain and its folds while creating an air of opulence. They don’t necessarily need to be grand, as funky tie backs can be used for a playful appearance, but a classic rope of a well-tailored tieback can add to a curtain’s luxurious aura. 

You can also add trims or curtain linings to give your plain curtains an elaborate touch. Try using a textured cloth or a graphic design in the linings to bring more intriguing into your curtain fabrics.

These beautiful accessories can be easily found on online platforms like Shopee or Lazada, or you can make them yourselves. Imagine using a pastel-coloured yarn tieback made by your children! You can even use different accessories for different occasions, like a red rope for Chinese New Year or a white lace with emerald and ruby jewel stickers for Christmas.

With these lovely details, your curtains can transform your space into your own with your own chic and personalised style. 


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