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Shopping Online for Curtains in Malaysia is a Nightmare, Almost!

26 Tháng Mười Hai, 2018

by DAV. L

How many times have we bought something online and the item is not as describe? Far too many times, I must say. Size is not as mentioned, color is a little off, defects, you name it, we have seen it. I have personally experienced this, receiving a pair of curtains that were different in length. The trouble of trying to get in touch with the seller, and sending back was a long process, not to mention a terrible wait period for the refund. With issues like this, it creates a lot of fear when it comes to shopping online, especially for curtains, where length, color, design and cut is so important. Any one of the above is an issue, the whole returning process becomes a chore. So how do we overcome this issue?


If you spend some time doing some research, you will notice that many of the sellers on various shopping platforms do not even own a shop. Some ship directly from overseas and some are agents or resellers here and there. This alone should be a concern on every shoppers mind. Which is why, it is very important to know exactly from whom are you purchasing from. Purchasing from a reputable company is the best way to ensure little to no issues with your orders.

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If you stumble across Acacia Fabrics, look no further. A company that is established in Malaysia since 1994, and have been distributing some of the finest fabrics imported from Europe to South East Asia, out from their very own fabric warehouse. With dealers all over South East Asia, one can be rest assured, that they are the big boys of the industry. This is a huge plus point for someone who is shopping for curtains online, knowing they are actually buying from a legit seller.


Delivery is also key when purchasing a curtain online. Take too long, and we will be living in a home without curtains. I do not think I need to highlight how disastrous this scenario can be. The beauty about shopping online confidently with Acacia Fabrics is that they have a warehouse right here in Malaysia. That means stock is available and there is quality control before the products is being delivered. Chances of late delivery and defects would be minimal.

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At the end of the day, we have to be a smart consumer. Shopping online for curtains here in Malaysia is not as daunting as it used to sound. You just need to do a little homework, and you will be rewarded with a smooth shopping experience. Acacia has proven thus far that they are here to stay, and so, having them on board the digital world led me to think of no reasons to drive around looking for curtain shops anymore. Shopping online with Acacia Fabrics has been a priceless discovery.

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