Legitimate Couch Cover Affair 2000x780 Centurion

Legitimate Couch Cover Affair

02 Tháng Bảy, 2018


The way I see it, when you learn of the scientific benefits of napping, succumbing to this healthy ritual should be a way of life, even on the best of days. The phrase, “you snooze, you lose” no longer carry weight in our rich and productive lifestyle. Instead, a 20 minutes snooze on your couch helps you stay being a hustler on your grind. This explains why, a safe and soft couch cover is very important in every home.

Acacia 1 1000x666 Kwando

Kwando / Collection

Acacia 4 1000x666 Majesty

Majesty / Collection


Now, I am sure we have all fell in love with many couch covers a bunch of times in our lives. But it didn’t work out well or for long for some.

Often times our feelings were led down by masses of prickly brambles on our skin or unwelcome threads running wildly and hanging loosely; as if the couch cover were more ancient than our new home.

What is more frightening is the insect repellant-like odor couch covers emit, that lingers to eternity! And the worse nightmare of color transferring from these covers on to our favorite runway dresses, rendering us speechless. Eeeeeek! Decided, fundamentally we just are not compatible, so we parted ways.

When we hunt down our very own best version of an ideal couch and cover, naturally our favorite thing to do will just be free falling into its soft touch and embrace. It becomes the easiest part of our day, literally. And this is when I realized that a couch and its cover is more than just fabrics.


Acacia 2 1000x666 Mojo

Mojo / Collection

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Switch / Collection


It becomes a part of your daily live very quickly. It becomes a place where you eat your take-outs, and read a book. It becomes a place of inspiration where you work, make decisions, or watch satellite TV and have conversations. This couch and cover thing journeys on with you, like a significant other, literally. When you host a party, it is there with you, hosting along, keeping your friends welcomed and comfy. It becomes the best place to dive into with your regular suspects during football fever.

Getting your heart all warm and fluffy when you see your kids bouncing away blissfully, and the furry one joining in the fun while tenderly digging the same time. All that at zero-stress-cost.


Legitimate Couch Cover Affair 2000x780 Centurion

Centurion / Collection

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