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Airbnb Owners Guide to Modern Interiors – Simplicity Basking in the Spotlight

11 Tháng Ba, 2020


Call it the Instagram effect: These days the lure of a product, an apartment or room can derive from just a picture perfect alone. And there’s nowhere more apparent than in the world of the Airbnb hype. But beyond all things pretty, Airbnb owners are becoming more aware of delivering results that would bring a clear bright constellation line ratings - fine feather reviews on sites that matters – vigorous list of bookings – and perhaps just every positive adjective you can earn for your Airbnb.

One caveat: which concern the validity of public’s assessment result. I would hate for someone to shell out thousands of dollars adorning their property based on my recommendations and be left disappointed not meeting creamy reviews. The fact is one man’s 10 is another man’s 100; we can never please everyone.

There are instances where we may be asked to spend some time profiling what our target markets would be like. Whether they might likely be the Copenhagen Street Style girls, the Throwback to the 90’s backpackers, Texas Cowboy bachelors, the Lightweight jeans t-shirt couple, the most Stylish New Yorkers, or simply a family like the Simpsons who just wants to have a holiday. You get the gist - downright impossible to appeal to the entire crowd. However, there are a few applause- worthy regimens to keep under radar when it comes to dressing up an Airbnb, which most guests (who has a wish list) would sincerely appreciate.

The point of this is to style it right and have your property stand out for all the right reasons and your guests will do your marketing for you.

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Paradise on The Inside

Relying on interior is off the charts optimum on return on investment. Decorating with your soul is so potent that it can radiate your warm welcome to your guests in your absence. Need not be with items that will cost you a finger or a toe. But perhaps paying close attention to materials used, proportions, colors schemes and evergreen décor that creates the feel good factor is the key. Just imagine making a classic white T-shirt look like a million bucks. Simplicity goes a long way, by that I mean forming a pattern with peaceful images on frames and Velcro it on the wall is easy to accomplish. I would say stick with something safe. Style it like how Lady Gaga would, if you like, but keep the safe ones only as favorites. No bizarre moves like wearing a skull-and-cross bone clock on your wall or paint the most over-the-top fresh pink coat on your ceiling with black walls in the master bedroom. Style it ideal and inspiring but- safe. Where anyone who walks in could let out a sigh of comfort and could immediately feel at home.


Leather Sofa or Fabric Sofa

The integral part of the living room is a comfortable sofa – the epicenter of domestic life. Inevitably a rest-up or time-out place by default. The first thing that usually catches your attention is a stunning design. And the moment you find yourself indulging in thoughts on how the sofa can flatter your home would tell you that you have found your other, other better half.

Whilst beauty is only skin-deep, it is relevant when shopping for sofa – sturdiness of frame and material, cushion filling (foam/ polyester fibers/ feather), suspension and etcetera are all important quality checklist. Ensure you purchase one with a strong frame that does not squeak when you throw yourself in. Sofa seats and backrest foams used are important details to look into- foam filling that is too hard are not cozy and comfortable, as it will result in very stiff seating position. Foam filling that is too soft causes backaches as there is not enough support in areas, which matter. Look for something that is in between like a memory foam- these are firm yet spongy and gives off a feeling as if you are being hugged.  That said, with all details considered, for Airbnb namesake I would be more inclined to express on upholstery rather than custom make them, so long all the important things are present in the set. Next question, leather or fabric sofa?

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Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas – are extra alluring. Cozier and definitely more intimate. Fabrics come in a myriad of colors, designs, patterns, and textures, which makes it easy for you to pick something that, will seamless suit your interior décor. With a little knack for bespoke from your inner being when choosing from the wide selection available, the fabric can almost manifest itself into an art that speaks.

On cleaning and maintenance, look out for quality and premium fabrics with added features because this is an Airbnb and there bound to be guests of all kinds. Choose fabric sofas that comes with features such as stain free technology fabrics, anti-odor, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and water repellant. There aren’t many fabric suppliers or fabric brands out there that would invest in such a technology that has not one or two but all of the features but I find these features on a sofa for an Airbnb is an absolute necessity, making the sofa fully hypoallergenic. I use FibreGuard Pro fabrics for my sofa and well worth the investment. Keeping eyesores away and sore thumb at bay especially for an Airbnb in mind goes a long way and clearly gives you a peace of mind from complaints and better reviews.

The advantages of fabric sofas presently nailed it for me. Soft and cool to the touch in the hottest of weather - allergy-friendly characteristic - attractive colors and designs - easy maintenance - a quality that will not shed or pile - color fastness (colors do not transfer to light colored clothing) seems like a natural beauty to me.


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Ranch/ Collection

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Leather Sofa

Leather sofas – traditional with a modern twist, has its own merits. Leather comes in many grains, coatings and textures and is no longer limited to tan colors. They could appear in lime green on a Chesterfield sofa, or any other colors you can imagine. Adding fun to a statement piece of furniture.

Another fun fact to highlight – leather sofas has a gifted climatic characteristic ability as a thermostat, in that it is able to change its temperature from cold to warm to hot according to your body temperature. The touch of the leather gets cold on a cold day. However, with a blanket over it, it warms up to your body temperature.

At the other end of the spectrum, on a hot and humid day, leather sofa gets intensely warm. Under such sticky situation, you will find the all too familiar leathery music from butt peeling off the hot seat syndrome surrounding the atmosphere.

A real leather sofa when given the right care and treatment can last a lifetime. Most types of leather has an inherent water resistance, making it easy to clean when you accidentally spill something. The smooth surface of leather offers effortless dusting-off with a microfiber because leather generally does not accumulate dust.  

Just to set off another alarm bell – leather sofas are not recommended for pets because paw scratches are irreversible and I can’t say pet-paw scratches are identical twins to the scuffing and scarring which, is a natural evidence of any hide’s origin.

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Give Your Guests Green Envy

Six years ago, I worked in an office in the city, at the end of each day, while walking to the train; I would pass many storefronts but would only stop and stare at one particular, decorated with foliage. Just so nice to look at each time. This to me is sustainable fast interior fashion.

Aesthetically, houseplants are super popular in the interior fashion world. Pick houseplants that will certainly thrive within four wall structures, could survive with little sunlight and are drought tolerant. They are gorgeous and they make excellent dramatic accents, which will surely complement any décor.

There is something about bringing outdoors in to create balance with nature. Not only will it elevate air purification (plants absorbs carbon dioxide and toxic air) it releases oxygen. Surrounding yourself in nature at home produces positive vibes as if infusing living with calmness and gentle energy. 

Lively large canopy-typed leaves for example, does magic filing wide, tall spaces. Marbleized, rough brass and cement planters are artistic enough to do the job of hiding flaws such as plug sockets on walls. I would use one or two basket planters to soften the area. Along with it, sprinkle some natural river stone and coconut husk to reduce dusk from floating in the air. Long cascading vines that hang straight down propagating almost like a beaded curtain on a high shelf or any medium height houseplants for that matter, will work to camouflage cracks on your wall.  

Snake plant, fiddle leaf fig, rubber plant, peace lily, spider plant, ferns and pothos are some very forgiving and low maintenance houseplants/ indoor plants selection to help get you started. Celebrate colors and textures of the earth while imbuing your space with life.

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Sultan/ Collection

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Bingo/ Collection


Interior Décor Edits and Other Random Tips

Choose a palette of shade that echoes relaxation and harmony. Dream-like color combinations like dusty-blue are my favorite for this particular reason, also a color most if not all would embrace instantly. Have them in darker shade on recessed wall to achieve tonal variations and to create depth and visual interest. Just to add, dark colors are interesting because they change color in the eyes of the beholder according to different moments in the day and the effects from lighting.

Reflect functionality by having plenty of storage spaces placed strategically. Sturdy clean lines of multipurpose drawers, cabinets and cupboards seated against walls and at corners, not obstructing walkway would encourage clutters to go in and away.

How to make the furniture work together? Something old with something new combined can create a timeless ‘love for home-life’ language. Home décor does not necessarily involve lots of upheaval.  Redecorating and rearranging until the arrangement evokes that desired emotion is part of making your Airbnb welcoming. See through bases or slim legs furniture gives off a less clutter visual compared to dense covered up bases or bulky legs. Sit them on top of a plush feel abstract rug with imperfect strokes and splashes. Acts well as a piece of art on floor instead of wall – less on wall seems less ideal for creepy crawlies to leave behind the ‘I was here’ note.

Mirrors are important for quick reflection of self and creates a sense of space. Simple oblong-shaped mirrors are a classic. With ornaments, keep it simple, with just few objects that appeals to you and visually pleases you would suffice – still is best to do more with less.

Pay special attention to one of the worst turn-off element – bad odors. It is by a mile the meanest and most hostile way to greet your guests. March to your mattresses, sofas, carpets, pillows, comforters, curtains, any soft furnishings, any fabrics and give it a spot-check. Anything at all that would betray and sabotage your warm welcome should be thrown out the window. I would go as far as to say stains are just as awful.

Making right choices on  bigger items like furniture and choosing the right stuff to complement the spaces of your Airbnb does not only make you feel proud for being an owner or it doesn’t just stop at getting good reviews and long ques on bookings, but also a feel good factor for being able to create a pleasant environment and a memorable experience during your guests limited period of stay.

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