5 Reasons for Paying More for Premium Fabrics

11 Tháng Chín, 2019


  1. Functional Fashion

It’s no secret that that paying a premium fee often means that more care, research and better materials have been invested into creating the end-product. Acacia Fabrics’ collections are made to not only appeal to the visual aesthetic but to also fit the various functional needs of our clients. The FibreGuard range, for example is perfect for those with families and with pets, as the unique properties of this range allow the fabrics to be stain-free. With just a little water and sometimes, a little soap, tough stains like those from food, makeup and dirt can be removed almost instantly! Our UV-Pro range on the other hand, is made to withstand constant exposure to sunlight – even though our hair discolours under sun-rays, these fabrics don’t!

Soul_004 1000x1000

Soul / Collection

Soul_005 1000x1000

Soul / Collection


  1. Durability Assurance

Before our fabrics are released to the masses, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure their quality is up to par. Rather than swapping your fraying upholstery fabrics out every couple of years (and in effect, paying more than you intended), our premium quality fabrics are made to stand the test of time. The Labotex stamp of approval isn’t just another trivial thumbs-up – in fact, it is a certification issued to fabrics by a similarly named independent textile laboratory (this means there is a higher level of transparency as they aren’t obliged to produce or conceal results for any particular company). Fabrics with the Labotex symbol have undergone various stresses and test conditions to assess their durability. The fabrics must pass these tests by falling within acceptable levels of wear-and-tear in order to receive the certification.


  1. Safety Assurance

Another seal of approval to actively search for when purchasing fabrics is the Oeko-Tex® symbol. Similar to Labotex, the Oeko-Tex® symbol is issued by an independent lab; but instead of testing mainly for durability, the latter focusses on the material and chemical safety of the fabrics. They test for various substances such as banned Azo colourants, formaldehyde and nickel, for instance – substances not unheard of in lower-end fabrics – to comply with important legal regulations internationally. Oeko-Tex® also tests for a multitude of other harmful chemicals – even if they are not yet regulated by the law – and these include chemicals potentially dangerous to the environment.

Soul_010 1000x1000

Soul / Collection

Spartacus_011 1000x1000

Spartacus / Collection


  1. After-sales Assurance

Like many electronic machines where we often pay a premium to insure our goods with a warranty, purveyors of premium fabrics are often packaged with after-sales care services. Whereas curtains bought off the rack at suspiciously-reduced prices come with a “Non-exchangeable, non-returnable” clause, higher-end fabrics often come with the added benefits of trained sales staff ready to provide care tips and address concerns you may have about the purchase.


  1. Brand Assurance

Finally, for the same reason we’re willing to invest a little more into a designer handbag instead of simply buying a fast-fashion bag off a high-street boutique, is why we should invest in premium fabrics. Upholstery products are timeless, almost permanent, pieces in our home and making a fashion statement in our homes – as we do with our designer bags – is possible with choosing high-end fabrics to furnish your homes. Perfect for house-proud families!


So put your mind at ease! Don’t scrimp on your fabrics.

Spartacus_015 1000x1000

Spartacus / Collection

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