With Over 20,000 Styles To Choose From, Acacia Is The One-Stop Center For Curtain Fabrics

20 September, 2021


I will let you in on a secret -- one of the things that interior decorators, architects, or other designers often do is shop. Or rather, window shop, since we mostly do not end up buying anything but add yet another catalogue (or catalogues) to an already excessive collection. These will take up precious space but it will be something that we are ready to forgo because you really need to, first, be aware of what is in the market and, secondly, have a large number of materials to work with.

To the layperson, a sheer fabric is just that -- a sheer fabric. But as designers, we look at how dense the weave is. Is this too sheer? And, hence, does it let in too much light? Does the fabric feature any kind of grain and will it go with the decor? What material is it made of and will it be easy to care for and will it drape nicely after a year or so? Is this fabric suited for layers or will it look better on its own?

These are just some of the questions that we may ask when we are selecting a particular material. There are countless other considerations that we may have to think about before making any recommendations to our clients. And even though we are the experts, we simply cannot know it all -- at times, we do seek our suppliers’ own consultants before making a decision as well. This is why it is important to find reputable and reliable suppliers to work with and not those who are merely interested in making a sale.



Fabulosa / Collection


I am fortunate to have found a number of suppliers whom I can call partners. One of them is Acacia Fabrics. Established for almost three decades now, this Malaysian company is a top tier supplier of fabrics. To start with, they have over 20,000 different types of fabrics in stock, which is a huge advantage for anyone dealing with a list of diverse clients.

Needless to say, every client comes with their own distinct needs and taste. Some, mostly younger, clients prefer a chic and minimalistic Scandinavian look. Others may go for a grander, ornamented interior. Then there are some who may not have specific preferences design-wise but are more concerned about practical considerations. With such a wide variety of fabrics to choose from at Acacia, I am never stumped for choice and can easily make recommendations that my clients are happy to go for.

This is important for my work. When clients go back and forth many times because they cannot find an option or a material that suits their budget or preference, a lot of time is lost. The longer a project lasts, the more cost is incurred on both my end and my client’s.



Acapulco / Collection


In addition to that, Acacia Fabrics has also put in a lot of work cataloguing their large supply of fabrics, allowing me and my clients to choose from a range of pre-selected collections. Watch their video here to see a small sampling of their ready-made collection that will suit a diverse range of needs.


Popular curtain fabrics

Many people are touting sheer curtains as the crowd favourite right now. But sheers, really, has never really gone out of style -- and may never do! It is simple enough to be part of any kind of decoration scheme. And unless you are violently opposed to light, it will always be an option that is popular in shared spaces such as living and dining rooms. And the light that is filtered through sheers is soft and ethereal, giving rooms a light and airy feel.

In addition to that, sheers also double up as a protective layer as unfiltered sunlight. Harsh as it is in Malaysia, sunlight is not good for your timber floors, furniture, and other fixtures. Also, If you were to go for natural materials such as 100% (or even blended) linen and cotton, it even helps with ventilation as these are breathable materials.

Needless to say, this is one of my top recommendations for living spaces and, in recent times, for home offices as well. Many of my current clients are having to work from home and it is good practice to attend a video conference call in a well-lit area. Natural light often makes people look better than, say, neon lights or ambient lamps.



Majestic / Collection


If you have taken a look at the abovementioned video (or if you are about to), have a look at a collection of linen sheers called Rhyme. If you are curious about how it may look in your own home, pay particular attention to the short clips of spaces that are shown with that collection. Note that the rooms itself are bright without being overly so and the classy feel that the sheers impart to the space.

And another misconception that people have regarding sheers is that it works best when it is white or off-white. This is simply not true. The fact is, sheers can work in almost any colour. However, neutral colours such as those featured in the video (light olive, cream, and tan) will most likely ensure that sheers works its magic.



Northstar / Collection


Bringing in the outdoors

Being stuck at home for as long as we have due to quarantines and lock downs, people are yearning for the outdoors. Indoor gardening is trending right now. And a movement known as Cottagecore is sweeping up followers the world over. We had anticipated that bright, fauna- and flora-themed prints that appeared in full force 5 or 6 years ago may outlive its trendiness by now.

However, that is not the case. Fabrics with tropical prints (bright leaves, fanciful animals) are still on-trend at the moment. This may be due to a general yearning to be out in nature -- something that most of us have not been able to do in recent times. In any case, one of Acacia’s collection Tropico (featured first in the video), will be able to recreate a garden in the home. If any of these tickle your fancy -- ferns, birds of paradise, and parrots -- take a closer look at the Tropico collection.

If you still want a piece of the outdoors but find that tropical prints may be too loud for you, an option to go for are fabrics with natural-looking grains or stone-like prints such as those offered in the Instinct collection. These are slightly more masculine and can work very well if your house features a lot of natural materials such as terrazzo and concrete floors, exposed bricks, or repurposed wood. If you prefer a matte fabric, do take a look at the Stonewall collection, which will also complement the said natural materials.



Stellar / Collection


And if you are seeking a Balinese villa vibe for your home, you may want to take a look at the Imagination collection. Made of polyester weave that has the lustrous look of silk, these will not look amiss in a home featuring dark timber, wide openings to lanais or koi ponds. It can also be used for light upholstery so it is entirely possible to have matching sofas or cushion covers. Being made of polyester, it is also easier to care for than the silk it resembles.


Getting a good night’s rest

As many of our conventional schedules have been disrupted, many people are complaining about not getting enough sleep. That is understandable because some of the things that we used to be able to do such as exercise at the gym or going for yoga classes are not possible anymore.

For this reason, I would always recommend blackout curtains in the bedroom. This is something that a lot of my clients find useful because they are not waking up to the morning glare anymore. And if you are new parents, blackout curtains are essential. You do not want your baby to cry as soon as the morning sun hits.  



Fabulosa / Collection


Most fabrics can be lined with a blackout material that is made of opaque, foam-backed fabric. However, this can affect how a material drapes especially if the fabric is already heavy to begin with. Also, if one of the materials shrink in the wash (the lining or the curtain fabric), the lining will have to be removed and resewn. Luckily for us, there are fabrics that come with preexisting blackout lining and that helps to prevent the problems I mentioned above.

A few of Acacia’s collections are applicable if you are looking for blackout curtains. The Stonewall collection is one example. The matte fabrics in this collection are great for Roman blinds and modern interiors. If you prefer a smooth surface with the look of a woven fabric, you may want to check out their New Moon collection.

Other collections with blackout lining include the Turbine, Summit, and Sunstopper collections. As I have mentioned earlier, with over 22,000 kinds of fabrics, Acacia can truly be your one-stop center for any kind of fabric to match your style and budget.



Majestic / Collection


If you are facing certain budgetary constraints at the moment, I would recommend prioritising your bedroom (and your infant’s if you have one). The second order of priority would be your living space as you may be spending a lot of time there. If there are no additional rooms that can be repurposed into a workspace, you may consider partitioning a large area with curtains so that you can create a place to work that is somewhat cordoned off and private.

Also, if you simply want a facelift for your home, there are no better ways to do it than to change your curtains. This will instantly transform the space and make you feel as though your home has been upgraded.



Northstar / Collection


Visiting Acacia and selecting your curtain fabrics

Depending on current MCO regulations, it may not be possible to visit their showroom at Kampung Keramat, Kuala Lumpur but you can always take a look at their extensive offerings on their website.

If you do make it there, however, there will be consultants who will be able to guide you every step of the way. All you need to prepare in order to make it a productive visit is to have a general idea of the style of fabrics that you like, information regarding your existing interior scheme, and an idea of how much you would like to spend.

And remember, trends may come and go but going with classics (simple designs and neutral colours) will make your curtains stay and look relevant for a longer time. Plus, consider the maintenance that the materials will need in the long run. For the moment, it may be more practical to go for easy-care materials that can be (machine or hand) washed at home.



Stellar / Collection


As a general rule, go for natural materials such as cotton and linen, which can mostly be laundered at home. Polyester or polyester-blends are also easy to maintain. If you do not want to go to the dry cleaners, it is best to avoid silk, velvet, or brocade at the moment. And of course, do remember to check the fabric care instructions for whatever you may choose. Different fabrics -- even if it is still cotton, for example -- may have different laundering requirements.


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