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Eyelet Curtain Guide for Apartments

23 November, 2021

So, you have finally settled into your bare apartment that is littered with unopened boxes. “What next?,” you ask. Or you may have lived there for some time now but certain things are starting to get to you. The fact that your neighbour can peer directly into your living room, for instance. Or the squealing and screaming that comes from a nearby playground.

Living in apartments can be tricky because it means that you are sharing the grounds with a lot of other people. And the way some apartments are designed — placement of windows, balconies, walkways, etc. —  can make it hard for you to maintain your privacy while ensuring that spaces are generously lit during the day. Additionally, there is also a need to ensure proper air circulation, particularly if you cook in the apartment.

To solve problems that are related to privacy, lighting, and air circulation, your choice of curtains will help a fair bit. Additionally, curtains can also serve to keep the heat out and minimise the sounds that come from outdoors. The latter is a priority if you live near a busy road or highway —  the sounds of traffic can be particularly bothersome if you or any members of your family are light sleepers.

Most curtains will generally help with the issues that have been mentioned above. For now, however, we will delve into the eyelet curtain, which is the choice of many modern homeowners for its clean, simple look and relatively easy maintenance.

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