When Buying Fabric in Bulk Makes a Lot of Sense

December 6, 2018


When people think of buying items in bulk, they usually consider groceries or the like. Fabric belongs in the shop, right? And you can always pick it up when the need arises. These two assumptions, however, are not necessarily true.

For starters, fabric stores usually keep a limited amount of stock – sometimes, when it is sold out, a particular fabric may no longer be available for purchase at all.

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This is related to how fabric is manufactured: It is produced in limited runs so that the cost can be spread out. It is not economical to run the machines to produce just one bolt of cloth, which is why a shop cannot simply place an order for more of the same fabric months or years after it has been manufactured. Fine fabrics, in particular, usually fall in this limited category.

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With this in mind, there are a lot of companies or even individuals who will buy fabric in bulk. A person who is particularly finicky about his or her home may want to keep an adequate amount of spare fabric. This will be a safeguard against having to use a different, non-matching fabric when things such as curtains or sofa covers wear out.

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Other individuals who may reap the benefits of owning fabric in bulk include fashion designers, tailors, and interior decorators. This group of people work with fabric regularly and having a dependable supply will help them to ensure continuity in their projects or collections. Imagine having to change the colour palette, look, or overall theme of a collection simply because a key fabric has run out!

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Organisations, on the other hand, may have other reasons for purchasing bulk fabric. For instance, an architecture or design school may do just that in order to ensure that their students have an adequate supply for their projects. Hotels, too, may want to hang on to some spare fabric so that coverings can be easily replaced in case they are soiled or destroyed. This is an important business consideration because hotel rooms are generally expected to look consistent. Failure to establish this consistency may be damaging to a brand. 

Nevertheless, there are also several important things to weigh before deciding on whether to buy fabric in bulk or not.

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First is storage – the bulk fabric that is purchased has to be stored at an appropriate space. Size notwithstanding, there are also other things to think about such as temperature, humidity levels, and accessibility. For instance, it is impractical to store the fabric at an offsite facility far from the location where it will be used unless transportation is readily available. Meanwhile, high humidity levels may ruin fabrics and cause them to become mouldy or stained.

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Second, the way the fabric is stored – rolled up, stacked, folded, and so on – may also affect its integrity. Fine fabrics, for instance cannot be kept folded for an extended period of time because this may create hard-to-remove creases. Delicate fabrics such as those that are wool-based may even lose its form over time.

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