Spice Up with Curtain Decorations

February 15, 2019


When we design and decorate a room it is important for us to imagine not only what we want the room to look like but also what we want the room to feel like. What is the first impression we want to give someone when they walk into a room? Curtains and curtain decorations are an important part of that and our design choices can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. The decorative pattern, texture and thickness of a room’s curtains will hugely influence the room’s personality which in turn elicits a certain reaction or feeling from visitors and occupants when they enter and linger in the room.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Abyss

Abyss / Collection

A stately decorative pattern like the Abyss collection gives the room a classy, regal and elegant presence perhaps suitable for a living room or drawing room meant to entertain visitors. Serve some scones and tea and they will feel like they are being treated like royalty! Couple two patterns together and you get a combination of curtain decorations your visitors can admire while being entertained.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Bali

Bali / Collection

A natural print like the Banyan design from the Bali collection provides a more homey look and cosy, comfortable feel to a room especially one overlooking some greenery right outside. The curtain decorations blend in with the environment and complement the view perhaps from your cabin or chalet. Visitors entering the room immediately feel right at home and welcome in an airy open space where nature beckons.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Hollywood

Hollywood / Collection

A bedroom or a nursery would surely benefit from blackout curtains for a practical purpose: blocking out sunlight to allow the occupant to sleep soundly during the daytime or in bright urban areas. But there are plenty of designs to choose from that also influences the personality of a room. Blackout curtains used to consist of stoic and dull colors and evoked feelings of dreariness and claustrophobia. These days there are a variety of patterns to choose from that allow us to tailor-make our environment. Acacia Fabrics has over 370 different colors and patterns of blackout curtains to choose from. For example, the leaves design of the Hollywood collection gives the room an earthy feel while still serving the practical purpose of blocking out light and absorbing sound. For a more commanding and secluded feel, we could also choose something like the theatre pewter design that is perhaps more suitable for a TV room or recording studio.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Sheer Wonder

Sheer Wonders / Collection

Instead of blocking out sunlight completely, we can also control the amount of sunlight a room receives by installing sheers to complement our drapery. Conventional sheer curtains used to be plain and come in colors like white, yellow or beige which filter out roughly the same amount of sunlight. These days the options of sheer curtains has been revolutionized with different shades and thickness that gives us control over the brightness of the room. We can also use double sheers with dual tones that allows for different shades of sunlight into the room, yet offering a decent amount of privacy. This is especially useful if the room is close to and visible from the neighbour’s property. At the same time, because we can choose the sheer curtain’s decorations we can control how bright or private we want the room to be yet maintain the personality of the room that might otherwise change if the sheer curtains were plain white.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Clipton

Clipton / Collection

Alternatively, sheer curtains with patterns like the Clipton collection gives a room a more vibrant feel. The possibilities don’t end there because Acacia Fabrics has nearly 2,000 choices of sheer curtains.

With a little bit of thought and consideration, the look and feel of a room can definitely benefit from the wide range of curtain decorations available nowadays.

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