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Let It All Out - BST All Out

18 October, 2019

Sometimes, the true values of a property are the surrounding landscape and the view it has. Spending time with Mother Nature is the way of living in order to have more quality time than just cocooning ourselves between the walls. The greenery corner of the yard, the blue sky with the vast deep sea. Being surrounded by the natural landscape brings people a sense of freedom, stability and well-being. Exterior furniture plays an important role in your outdoor living. And when it comes to exterior, the most important thing is choosing good quality outdoor materials that can endure different weather conditions. That's why UV Pro Fabric released ALL OUT, the outdoor fabric collection with the liberating name just as opening the door to the beautiful world out there. ALL OUT is engineered to last years without losing their unique properties, like colorfastness, durability, water and stain repellency. The extensive designs and colour palette make ALL OUT the most practical and functional solution for outdoor use.

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Mont Blanc / Collection


This collection meets the highest technical quality standards when used for garden and pool furniture such as sun beds, terrace, umbrellas, awnings, sun blinds, etc. It is also ideal for your interior draperies, curtains, pillows, throw cushions, upholstery, wall panel and accessories that you can enjoy the nature with the necessary privacy.


Solution dyed acrylic fabrics are internationally proven for colorfastness and durability to be the best possible fabrics for outdoor use. These fabrics are renowned for their inherent colourfastness when exposed to UV rays from the sun and variety types of weather so you can choose your most favorite vibrant colors without being afraid the colors get fade in the sun.

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Rocco / Collection

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Rocco / Collection


Not only technically ensured, but they are also fashionably conscious with Vinyl Imitation Leather for luxurious styles, that brings limitless freedom for your design just as the free spirit of this collection! Now, you can comfortably sit on elegant sofas and listen to Jason Mraz singing “Outdoors" while watching our beautiful world.

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