How to Choose the Right Curtain Design for Living Room Flair

April 28, 2021


Are you looking for a way to get the most out of your curtain design for living room style? If so, then you are probably looking to generate a bit of flair with your living room curtains. Of course, everyone has a slightly different definition of what “flair” might look like. Therefore, it is helpful to take a closer look at a few living room design options, how you can incorporate curtains to match them, and what factors you should consider if you want the flavour of your living room curtains to match your own personal style. There are several important points you should keep in mind. How can you match your living room curtains to your living room, getting a bit of flair out of them in the process? It is important to make sure that your interior design matches your personal sense of style and values. After all, your living room is where you’ll spend most of your time simply living at home.

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Match Your Fabric to the Style of the Living Room

When people talk about living room style, they are often talking about the colours of the curtains. Of course, colour is going to be incredibly important. On the other hand, you need to think about the fabric of your living room curtains first. Match the fabric in your curtains to the style of your living room. Your choice of fabric determines the texture and feel of your living room, quite literally.

For example, do you want a very traditional living room? Do you have traditional end tables, coffee tables, and seating arrangements? If so, then you should go with cotton, velvet, or so. Then, you may want to pair them with Roman shades, wooden blinds, or sheers for a touch of privacy. And even though different options may help your curtains stand out more, that style might not be what you were looking for. You can create additional flair in a traditional living room with silk or velvet curtains.

On the other hand, if you have a modern living room, you may want to reach for swags, valances, textured panels, or even tab tops for modern curtain designs. This type of added ornamentation may create additional points of interest and a more modern living room.

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Next, Consider the Colour of Your Living Room Curtains

After thinking about fabric choices, you want to take a closer look at your colour scheme. What type of flair are you looking to create? Again, if you have a traditional living room, you may want to go for a more subtle colour selection. If that is the case, think about the colour and tone of the walls. You may want to reach for living room curtains that are one shade lighter or one shade darker than the walls in your living room. This type of subtle, understated elegance may work well in many situations.

If you want your curtain design for living room style to make a loud or statement, then you should choose a contrasting colour. First, take a look at the room. Focus on the walls, the cushions, the chairs, and the rug. Then, you may want to select a curtain colour that is the exact opposite of that specific item, on the colour wheel. This type of contrasting colour can instantly create a flair for the dramatic in your living room. It’s a great visual pick-me-up that’s bold and decisive.

There are other factors you may want to consider when you are trying to select colours for your curtains. For example, how is the light going to filter through the curtains? What is it going to look like? Furthermore, do you want to create a space that feels closed off? If so, you may want to consider warm or rosy tones. Do you want to create a room that feels cooler? If so, you may want to reach for shades of blue. These factors can also help you decide what colour you want to make your curtains. Colours have perhaps the largest effect on the mood of the room, so take a moment to consider what effect you want to create.

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Create a Pattern with the Texture of the Living Room Curtains

After you have considered the fabric and the colour, it is time to move on to the texture of the living room curtains. For example, do you want to breathe life into your living room? If that is the case, then you may want to select a vivacious pattern. Some curtains even have added ornamentation hanging off of them that will create this flair for you. A bold and blocky pattern would go well with this style.

Do you want to add some plush texture to your curtains? This could make the space feel a bit more comfortable. If you want to create a romantic feel in the room, then plush texture may be the way to go. This could do an exceptional job of helping you set the mood in the room. Generous lengths of material and thick fabrics will make your room feel lush and welcoming.

If you use your curtains to introduce a fun geometric pattern to the room, make sure it matches the wall, decor, pillows, and accessories in the room. For example, if there are a lot of round shapes in the room, then you may want to reach for curtains that create a round geometric pattern as well. Alternatively, if you’re feeling really confident, you can experiment with clashing geometric patterns for a fun and whimsical effect. This might be a good choice for a playroom or a younger person’s bedroom.

Finally, you might want to consider mid-century prints and retro motifs. These two specific geometric patterns have been getting more popular recently. If you are able to put these prints to work for you, you may be able to find the exact type of flourish you are looking for in your room. Retro designs that come back into style do so for a specific reason – they stand the test of time. This means that your choice of look and feel might probably last for a long time, if you go retro.

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Consider How You Will Display Your Living Room Curtains

Also, you should consider how you are going to display your living room curtains. If you are planning on hanging curtains from your living room windows, you need not to only pick the best possible option but also figure out how you are going to display it. There are numerous ways you can hang windows from your curtains. The heading up the curtain is going to be responsible for most of this look.

For example, if you want to create a feel of lavishness in your room, then you may want to reach for a Victorian style. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more contemporary, then you may want to go with something called a back-tab ripple fold. You should think about the final ambiance of the room you are decorating. Then, consider the impact that the headings of your curtains are going to have. If your curtains play into the theme of the rest of the living room appropriately, you will create the flair you are looking for.

Think of it this way: you might have a masterpiece of art, but if you mount it in the wrong frame, that could wreck the whole effect. The Mona Lisa probably wouldn’t look good in a brushed aluminium frame, for example. So, choose the right kind of mountings that go with your choice of curtain. Make sure they match in style.

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Balance the Privacy of the Curtains with the View of the Outdoors

Remember that flair in a living room is going to be created not only by the curtains but also by the views of the outside world. Therefore, you need to balance privacy with views from the outdoors. Most people use curtains to prevent nosey people from taking a look at the inside of the room. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between privacy and unabated views. What is the view outside your living room windows? Is this something that you want to see all the time? Or, is this something that you would like to conceal? This is going to play a role in the living room curtains you select.

For example, sheer curtains look great. They are excellent for letting in plenty of natural light and allowing translucent views of the outside. On the other hand, they are not great when it comes to privacy. Your ability to see the outdoors partially means that passers-by can see into your living room as well. Even more so at night, when your interior lights are on.

This is where solid curtains may be a better choice. Solid curtains provide plenty of privacy; however, they obviously obstruct views of the beautiful scenery outside. Think about how you are going to balance privacy with views of the outdoors. This will play a role in the flair of the living room. With solid curtains, you get an either-or choice of outdoor views or privacy. With sheer curtains, you get partial privacy even with the curtains drawn. The obvious choice, of course, is to use sheer and solid curtains together. Make sure you know what you want beforehand.


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The Curtains Should Be an Extension of the Room

Finally, if you really want to add a bit of flair to your living room with your curtains, you need to view your curtains as an extension of the room. Even though this may sound like a basic point, it is easy to lose sight of the fact as you are selecting curtains for your living room.

When it comes to creating a home interior design that you’ll love, it’s a must to take everything into consideration as one harmonious whole. When it comes to influencing the feel of any room, the largest items have the biggest impact. And besides the floor, walls and ceiling, nothing has a bigger impact than the curtains, usually.

So, take ample time to sit, close your eyes and envision how you would like the inside faces of your room to come together as one cohesive design. Then imagine the best curtain and furnishings to add the finishing touch.

Specifically, where do you want your living room curtains to terminate? For example, do you want them to form a puddle on the floor? If so, add a few extra inches of fabric. This works well in living rooms that have a lot of fancy ornamentation. You may need the curtains to pool on the floor in order to create the feel you are looking for. Or, are you looking for living room curtains that actually finish at the level of the floor or slightly above? If you have a living room that is more modern, this may be a better option for you. By taking advantage of the latest curtain designs, you can add flair to your modern living room.


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Add Flair to Your Living Room with the Right Curtains

Ultimately, there are countless directions you can go if you are looking for a way to create your own sense of style in your living room with the right curtains. This will look different depending on the exact nature of your living room. Think about the rest of your decorating scheme. Then, assess all options you have at your disposal whether you are looking for kitchen curtain designs or simple curtain designs. But more importantly – and here is an interior designer’s inside tip – imagine how your design choices will make you feel, above all. Because the time you spend in your living room will be time spent feeling, more than thinking. Ask yourself, “How will I feel about this?” This question will help you make the right decisions when you are looking to find the ideal curtains for your dream living room.


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