Easy Wholesale Fabric Shopping in Singapore

December 17, 2018


Do you have a project at home which you are working on? Trying to DIY curtains for your new house? Buying fabrics to make sofa covers perhaps? If the answer is yes, then we are pretty sure that you have come by the problem of getting materials for the job. Sure, there are a lot of places which you can buy fabrics but the question is, are they really cost effective and budget friendly? A lot of times we tend to buy ready-made products such as curtains and covers, but when the time comes for us to actually go out looking for fabrics, we do not know where to start.

Did you know that buying wholesale actually has its benefits? Especially when you are looking to buy a huge load. Not to mention the evolution of how wholesale fabric businesses function as well. If you have been to a fabric wholesaler when you were younger, you will be amazed how much has changed. Here are some of the benefits of buying your fabrics wholesale in Singapore!

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Wholesalers are synonymous with their ability to offer pricing that is way cheaper compared to other fabric stores out there. This provides an opportunity for shoppers to cut down their budget which enables them to purchase a variety rather than just buying one single fabric. This is especially beneficial if you are working on a huge project such as changing your curtains at home. It allows for more purchases of different products because we are saving for each purchase. This way, we can experiment with different patterns and materials without worrying about skyrocketing costs.

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Time and Convenience  

In today’s Singaporean society, having time to do shopping is more of a luxury as we spend countless hours in the office or on the road. Bogged down by chores, we require faster and easier ways of shopping, leaning towards an establishment which provides a one stop solution. It is a time consuming task to go shopping for fabrics, because we require to go through a lot of samples, looking for the right patterns, designs, colours, texture and more! Imagine going to different stores just to have a look at a few fabrics at a time, it will probably take you forever. Thankfully, wholesalers have a wide range of fabrics under one roof where we can spend our time in just ONE location and go about looking for something that catches our eyes.

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Professional Guidance and Easy Access to Information  

Stepping in to a wholesaler for the first time may be a terrifying experience at first due to the sheer amount of fabrics. If you are a first timer, you may want to do some research about the types of fabrics in the market as well in order for you to better grasp and understand the traits of each fabric. Fortunately, wholesalers now have their very own dedicated website where you can view their collections of fabrics available. Not forgetting a trained team of professional advisors ready to come to your aid in the event that you have any questions or doubt.

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When it comes to purchasing goods, quality is something many of us look for because we naturally want to get our monies worth for our purchase. Buying from a wholesaler does not necessarily guarantee high quality products but it does increase the chances of getting a good haul. Firstly, most wholesalers have a warehouse or outlet where we can visit, thus enabling us to see the actual product before purchasing anything from them. Secondly, our sense of touch is important when it comes to picking out fabrics, so it allows us to feel the texture and ensuring that whatever we are buying is something legit. If you have ever bought something online, you would understand the pains of getting something that is not in accordance to the picture you saw. Thus, wholesalers are the way to go if you are looking for some good stuff during your hunt for fabrics.

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