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17 March, 2023





L-shaped sofas are extremely popular these days. With a quick 10-minute google search or a hunt at a furniture shop, you can find a selection of L-shaped sofas with different designs, sizes, colours, and materials. Then, within an hour, you can compile a few suitable L-shaped sofas for your home.

However, we don’t want suitable options - we want the best L-shaped sofa.

In this article, we will show some of Acacia Fabrics’ sofa dealer Flexis Haus best-selling L-shaped sofa, including their top 3 best sellers, to analyse why our customers love them. Once we identify their shared qualities, we will form a shopping checklist to help you find a high-quality L-shaped sofa.


The Best Qualities of Our Stellar Recommendations



1) Snuggle Up in Compact L-shaped Sofas.




Acacia Fabrics’ products are used to manufacture high-quality upholstery of all shapes and sizes: large armchairs, king-sized bedding, curved dining chairs, flowing curtains, puffed-up pillows and, yes, long L-shaped sofas. 

Among all our L-shaped sofas that use Acacia fabrics, most people would choose simple and compact L–shaped sofas. They didn’t have luxurious recliners, wooden side tables or special pockets at the side for remote control.

Does that mean compact L-shaped sofas are more desirable than larger ones?


Confidante / Collection


Homeowners are more likely to choose the humbler option because it’s more practical. 


Most Malaysian families have around 3-4 family members, so they wouldn’t need many seats on their L-shaped sofa. If they have house guests, getting a longer L-shaped sofa is unnecessary. Aside from the living room, homeowners may receive their guests in the dining rooms where they can makan together or by the garden where they can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

Even during big events like New Year celebrations and birthday parties, people often prefer buying a lot of stools and chairs to provide seating for 20+ family and friends rather than a giant L-shaped sofa which can only fit 10-12 people. 



Many homeowners also only have a small living room space.
In a 2020 article by property guru, nearly 30% of Malaysians lived in either condominiums, apartments or flats. With such limited space, customers would look for L-shaped sofas that take up the minimal space needed while giving maximum comfort. Compact L-shaped sofas are also much more affordable than longer ones.

If you would love to have a longer L-shaped sofa with additional features, go ahead and get one! But if you are a new homeowner, have a tighter budget or have a small living room, we recommend a compact L-shaped sofa. Not only is it a more affordable option, but it fits well with most interior styles and is very trendy. 


2) Comfort is never compromised.




While many have compromised the size of their L-shaped sofa, they have not compromised comfort! 


Our best-selling sofas offer excellent back, arm, and leg support.


Let’s talk about back support. L-shaped sofas have two kinds of backrests. The first type divides it into two parts: the backrest and the headrest. Whether you prefer sitting up or laying back for a nap, you can adjust the headrest to suit your needs. Instead of a headrest, some models provide extra cushioning or extra pillows at the bottom of the backrest to create a greater incline with more bedding. 


Some backrests are also curved or angled slightly backward to ensure you are in the most relaxed position to rest.


The second style uses loose cushions as a backrest. While they may not necessarily support your head, these big rectangular pillows are filled with soft stuffing you can sink in. These kinds of backrests are ideal for some cosy book reading or a movie night with the whole family.




Thick, sturdy armrests also make your seating experience much more comfortable. Many of our best-selling L-shaped sofas have armrests at elbow length, giving you the perfect height to lay and rest your heavy arms.

Leg comfort is always guaranteed with the L-shaped part of the sofa. In some models with a stool, you can use the ottoman piece to provide footrest on any part of the sofa!

Because of the L-shaped sofa’s integral structure, no matter which model you pick, you are always guaranteed comfort and support for your entire body.


3) Neutral colours for the win! 



Desertia / Collection


Most of our best-selling L-shaped sofas are produced in classic neutral colours over a rich and diverse colour palette. Those looking for a modern or contemporary interior would select greys, white or black for their L-shaped sofa. On the other hand, customers looking for a more luxurious appearance would choose beige or brown to give the L-shaped sofa a warm, golden hue. Beige and brown colours can also give off a more natural feel with the right tone.


While the minimalist movement does contribute to the popularity of neutral colours, the main reason why people choose neutral colours is that it turns the sofa into a blank canvas for other colourful accessories. With a neutral-coloured sofa, you don’t have to worry about any colour clashes when you pile on colourful throw pillows, fur throws, or patterned rugs onto the seats. This combination gives your L-shaped sofa a burst of colour and life and leaves room for creativity if you want to change its style.




However, if you just want a simple sofa with just a few throw pillows, you can explore various colours to express your personalised style. Some customers are shifting away from minimalism to look for eccentric, striking colours like mustard, turquoise and olive.

To explore colourful sofa fabrics, look through Acacia Fabrics’ catalogue here


4) Cover your sofa with Korean Polyester!


We love Korea for its K-dramas, K-pop and stylish clothes. We also love Korea for its excellent fabrics! Because of their booming fashion industry, South Korea has invested a lot of money into their textiles, which has resulted in a range of beautifully coloured and affordable Korean fabrics trending in international markets.

Malaysians love to use Korean polyester for their sofas. Aside from their colour and price, Korean polyester has a softness between cotton and cashmere, which removes the L-shaped sofa’s stuffiness, and it feels very cool on your skin. Korean Polyester is also very light, elastic and durable, so your sofa covers will last long without getting stretched out. The synthetic fabric also required little effort to maintain.


Our Top 3 Best Sellers


Regardless of your choice, you will get a high-quality L-shaped sofa if you pick a model from Acacia Fabrics’ bestsellers. However, these three L-shaped sofas stood out among all the well-crafted choices.

In this next segment, you will learn about Acacia Fabrics’ top three L-shaped sofas and why they are so popular! 


Who knows? One of them could be your dream sofa. 


#3: Sofa Bailey



Usually, there are three kinds of L-shaped sofas: a classic two-seater sofa with an L-shaped piece, a sofa with a portable stool, and a corner L-shaped sofa with equal length on both ends. 


However, Sofa Bailey uses two love seats and a wide ottoman to create its L-shape. There is also a wooden side table between the two love seats. This structural design creates a satisfying symmetry and is aesthetically pleasing, especially when you place the ottoman in the middle. It is also made up of rounded rectangular cushions, which makes Sofa Bailey look sleek and comfortable at the same time. 


Sofa Bailey’s design also ensures that everyone has a great seating experience. For example, every seat aside from the ottoman has a place for an armrest. At the outer seats, you can rest your arms on the thick and wide armrest, while at the inner seats, you have a side table to relax your arms and place a cup of morning coffee. The side table also has two deep cupboards to place your books, magazines, and newspapers. If you want a footrest, move the wide ottoman on either side of the sofa to rest your legs.

Sofa Bailey doesn’t just maximise the comfort of the sofa cushions. It maximises your leisure experiences like watching a movie, reading a novel or taking a quick nap.

#2: Sofa PB SixtyFour Corner L



Sofa PB SixtyFour Corner L, designed by Impero, also takes a more creative approach with its L-shaped sofa structure. However, instead of changing up the classic L shape, its designers rounded the edges of the sofa and added a curved back. The footholds are also hidden well under the seats, making the L-shaped sofa look like it’s floating in the air.

This intelligent design allows the sofa to have an attractive, curved shape while still being able to fit neatly into a corner. If you place the sofa in an open area, its open backrest consisting of large pillows instead of solid walls makes the living space feel more relaxed and welcoming. Not only that, but both sides of the sofa are of equal length, creating the perfect social setting. No matter where you sit, you will always be facing other people while hearing them quickly, giving you room to have tight-knit conversations with all those involved. While the sofa is designed for five people, its ample space can allow at most 8-9 seaters. 


This sofa also supports all sorts of seating positions. The oversized backrest has a flexible spine designed to support your back in an upright and relaxed position. If you sit at the very right hand of the sofa, you will have a small side table to put a cup of coffee or your phone. On the other side is a small pillow on which you can rest your arms or use as a head pillow for a short nap. 

#1 Sofa Valerie



While two uniquely shaped L-shaped sofas are in the top three best sellers, neither could beat the classic L-shaped sofa design. Sofa Valerie has two seats and an L-shaped piece stuffed thick and neatly to give a sharp, sleek appearance similar to leather, making it an excellent choice for offices and business settings. Blue, black, brown or dark grey colours would give the sofa a more professional look.

Sofa Valerie also provides the right amount of comfort. Its thick armrests are at the ideal elbow height, the polyester fabric gives the sofa a soft and cooling texture, and its two-pillow backrests provide plenty of back support. Because of its cosy and welcoming seating, this L-shaped sofa is also great for homes, especially when you choose natural or light colours for its fabrics. 


Sofa Valerie stands out from all the other models because it is a simple, basic L-shaped sofa that provides everything we want.


Your L-shaped Sofa Shopping Checklist! 


Based on our best sellers, most people are looking for an L-shaped sofa that:

  • Takes up minimal space
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Has neutral notes
  • Made from high-quality and durable fabrics


Will you need to find an L-shaped sofa that fits all these qualities? Not necessarily. This checklist is more of a guideline to help you find a high-quality L-shaped sofa. Everyone has different needs and wants for their L-shaped sofa, so you can add or remove requirements depending on your needs and ideal style. 


If you want to purchase one of our sofas or explore our fabric options, contact Acacia Fabrics at


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