5 Reasons Why Premium Sofa Covers Are Worth It

September 20, 2018

by Joann Lim

With the amount of time most people spend on the couch at home, it comes as no surprise that sofas are the integral heart of a home for many families. It is therefore no wonder that selecting a good sofa cover requires careful thought and planning.

Thinking of giving your sofas a brand new facelift? Here are 5 reasons why premium sofa covers are the way to go.

Acacia 1 1000x1000 Develop

Develop / Collection

1. Made to last

There is something to be said about quality over quantity, and premium sofa covers that use Acacia fabrics are without doubt of quality that is made to last.

All our fabrics are assessed for resistance to abrasion and undergo serious performance testing for durability, which includes seam slippage, piling, tensile strength, and usage. You can be assured that your premium sofa covers will endure a good number of sittings, as we take into account the minutest details to ensure you receive only the best quality - from the number of weaves down to the fibre content.

Acacia 2 1000x1000 Centurion

Centurion / Collection

2. Perfect Protection

Having sofa covers of premium quality will not only make your room look great, it will also extend your furniture life by keeping your sofas clean and protected. Be it dust, dirt, grime or spills, premium sofa covers made from our FibreGuard collection is resistant to the most stubborn stains. Some water and a wee amount of household soap is all it takes to maintain your sofa covers’ clean and pristine look.

With a good sofa cover, whether you have pets, children or simply have a tendency for messes - caring for your furniture has never been easier.

Acacia 3 1000x1000 Elation

Elation / Collection

3. Cost effectiveness

Premium sofa covers are an inexpensive way to breathe life into your old couches and brighten up the overall look and feel of your home without having to actually buy a brand new sofa set. In addition to lasting durability, good protection for your sofa and easy maintenance, the cost effectiveness in the long run will give you the best bang for your buck.

Acacia 4 1000x1000 Braveheart

Braveheart / Collection

4. Limitless design options

Nothing states class and elegance better than a sofa cover that is suited exactly to your design sense. With over 12,000 different upholstery products in our fabric library, you are bound to find the perfect sofa cover to realize your dream home.

Whether your interior décor style is modern, minimalist, contemporary or even downright flamboyant, we have a huge gallery of options at your disposal, giving you the best access to your ideal premium sofa cover.

Acacia 3 1000x1000 Foremost

Foremost / Collection

5. Luxury you can see and touch

There’s no denying that premium fabrics will not only make your sofa covers look amazing, they will feel great on your fingertips as well. Also, with premium sofa covers, there’s a less likely chance of having friends or visitors saying they own the exact same design as compared to the mass-produced varieties you see at the store. With high-end premium sofa covers, you can be sure to wow your guests and breathe new life into your sofas.

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