FR-One is a true child of its time. It is safe, modern, ecological, versatile and stylish. From the moment of its initial conception, the focus of FR-One has been to provide fabrics that are a perfect marriage of technique and design, of safety and style.


FR-One was born on the tangent of technical excellence and inspiring design. We started by perfecting fibres with inherent fire retardant characteristics. Once this technical hurdle was achieved, we infused the resulting fabrics with the beauty necessary to enable it to become a world standard.

The diversity of our collections—and the wide array of possibilities they offer-makes FR-One the best choice to tackle all of your decoration and project challenges. 

FR-One has become number one in its field in an astonishingly short time thanks to the talent and expertise of its creators. This unique input guarantees that FR-One will remain at the pinnacle for many,many years to come.


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