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May 31, 2019


When one thinks of Vietnam, one immediately thinks of ‘pho’ (Vietnam’s famous rice noodle soup dish). Or maybe that is just me. If noodles are not your thing, then perhaps their world famous ‘banh mi’ sandwiches are more of your style.

But no matter, if food is not your forte (though I highly doubt it, as you are a living breathing human being who needs food), perhaps the picturesque view of you and your beloved kayaking down Halong Bay with its jagged cliffs enveloping you on each side is right up your alley.

Or maybe it is visiting the holy shrines and temples in Vietnam. The Van Thuy Tu Temple is not only a sacred site of worship but also hosts Southeast East Asia’s largest whale skeleton exhibit. The cultural diversity of the Vietnamese people and their immense respect for knowledge can also be evidenced by the Temple of Literature where the successful names of individuals who passed the infamous national medical exams are inscribed on various ‘stelae’ (stone tablets used for commemorating historical events by inhabitants of the ancient world).

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Thus, it is against this very backdrop of strength in the face of adversity, unity found in strength and diversity of cultures that Acacia Fabrics is set up in the lovely country of Vietnam. You can be rest assured that whatever your reasons for loving Vietnam, Acacia Fabrics is sure to accommodate every varying taste and opinion as a leading supplier in fabrics. 

Yes, you read it correctly. Established from its humble beginnings over 25 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Acacia Fabrics is one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers in fabrics, with regional offices in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Today, it has reached the peak of what it set out to be-a respected household fabric name in the Malaysian home furnishing scene with a global presence.

Today, Acacia Fabrics and its goal of providing premium high quality fabrics can also be found in the lovely Vietnam, where its presence was established since 2011.

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Located in the Tan Binh District of Ho Chi Minh City, with the city’s international airport in this very district, Acacia Fabrics has expanded its services to the beautiful, most populous city of Vietnam. In this highly accessible location, you can expect the same quality of services and choices to ensure your every fabric related is solved at this supply store. Acacia Fabrics is committed to providing the highest quality of fabrics to each of its customers, now heightened with its regional presence in Southeast Asia.

Having expanded to the wonderful city of Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam, one can expect alongside Acacia Fabrics’ very high standards, their almost infinite variety of options for you to choose from. With over 19,000 products, here at Acacia Fabrics there is a solution for every customer. Acacia Fabrics’ supply hosts a variety of functions with a myriad of collection choices whether its a household or business related need.

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Furthermore, whether its choosing fabric for your curtains, or deciding the new pattern of your sofa, Acacia Fabrics have got you covered. Choices can run from different textures, colours and patterns. Whether it is striking patterns like clean cut stripes or indulgent lustrous colour schemes, Acacia Fabrics is here to help, alongside its vision that functionality should never be compromised for style. Thus Acacia Fabrics’ products are catered to be durable and beautiful.

As such, if you should ever find yourself in the beautiful country of Vietnam, are enamoured by its lush natural motifs and vibrant celebration of cultures, and are looking for a fabric supplier, fret no more. Acacia Fabrics is here to settle and solve your every fabric need as a leading wholesale supplier in South East Asia. So whether you are a ‘pho’ person or just the ‘ban mhi’ type of guy/gal, you can still have the peace of mind that Acacia Fabrics is here to serve in Ho Chi Minh City with style.

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