Why Wall Covering

February 4, 2018

by Anonymous

There has been a recent trend toward cross usage of residential wall coverings in commercial spaces, particularly specialty wall coverings like sand and glass beads, and bolder colors not typically available in commercial wall coverings. Similarly, commercial vinyl wall covering is being used in residential spaces like hallways and playrooms where higher durability makes it a very desirable wall surface.


There is no single decorating element that can do as much for a room so quickly, and at such great value. Wall covering can dramatically transform a room with a single application. It can hide imperfections on a wall, add architectural detail where there is none, visually raise a ceiling or expand a small space, create a cozy corner or brighten a bedroom – all in your own personal style. From country to classic, contemporary to casual, wall covering can set a style, create excitement and give elegant drama to plain, painted walls. Wall covering can help you turn your house into a home.


Most wall coverings are either washable or scrubbable, allowing for different levels of stain resistance and washability. However, all wall coverings provide protection for the walls from normal wear and tear, while hiding dirt and unwanted marks that inevitably occur in high traffic areas of the home. Other wall treatments may seem less expensive at first, but when you consider the longevity of wall covering by comparison, not only is it a more visually appealing option, it becomes a more economical choice. That is why you will find wall covering in most public spaces where it is important to maintain clean, fresh looking walls with minimal effort for the longest period of time.

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