Why Choose Chesterfield Sofas for Your Living Room?

April 25, 2023


Chesterfield sofas are the very definition of intricate craftsmanship with functional designs. They have been the objects of fascination in the world of furniture for centuries and still continue today, but with some modern twists. They were said to be first invented in England with high rolled arms that are of similar height as their back, short legs and fabric-covered buttons pushed deeply into the surface, creating diamond tuft patterns. The Chesterfield sofas were traditionally designed for gentlemen and exuded a masculine charm with their classic dark leather upholstery. However, nowadays, you can find these sofas in a wide variety of materials and textures that can complement even the most feminine look of your space. These modern counterparts are also upholstered with velvet material and designed with captivating colour schemes, thinner legs and arms with taller legs while maintaining their classic majestic appeal.

Now, if you've been looking for the reasons that you should adorn your living room with Chesterfield sofas, you've found just the right article for you! So, hold on tight, because up next, we'll walk you through the comprehensive history of these sofas and what exactly makes them stand out among their peers!


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Where did the Chesterfield Sofa Originate From?

Rumour has it that the origin of the Chesterfield sofa dates back to the 18th century, with a request from a highly revered politician and author, Lord Philip Stanhope. He wanted to create a piece of furniture that kept his suit from wrinkling when sitting upright. It was said that the name “Chesterfield” came from his title as the fourth Earl of Chesterfield. 

While Lord Stanhope was dying, he instructed his butler, “Give Mr. Dayrolles a chair”. These words could simply mean that he wanted his butler to pull up a seat for his godson, Mr. Dayrolles. However, the butler was confused by these words, which caused him to misinterpret this as passing the furniture as an inheritance to Mr. Dayrolles. 

It was not until a century later, during the Victorian era, that Chesterfield sofas became even more popular piece of furniture among the aristocrats as a symbol of wealth and fortune. The buttons on the sofa were positioned more deeply so that their placement would prevent them from digging into users' legs. Queen Victoria also furnished her drawing room at Balmoral Castle in Scotland with a matching set of plaid-covered Chesterfield sofas.


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A Physical Representation of a Rich History

Chesterfield sofas with leather upholstery became a widespread phenomenon in Great Britain and were seen to adorn many living rooms and gentlemen’s offices. At the same time, the worldwide expansion of the British Empire caused the posting of colonial administrators and army officers in Australia, India, South Africa, and Canada. Being in a foreign land prompted these British officers to bring something that reminded them of their homeland, which just happened to be the Chesterfield sofas. Despite the decline of the British Empire across these countries, these elegant and luxurious sofas remained popular for almost three centuries. Thus, having a Chesterfield sofa in your living room is like having a physical representation of a rich history with you! 


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A Dive into the Subconscious 

Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud strongly believed that his consultation room should provide comfort so that his patients would be more open to speak on whatever matters weighing heavily on their hearts. The fundamental principle of psychoanalysis was that there should be no barrier, and the patients should be vulnerable enough to speak about their thoughts and feelings. This belief led Freud to furnish his office with a Chesterfield sofa where his patients would lie down while spilling out their life’s problems and inner turmoils without looking at him. The sofa became a pleasant and intimate place for the patients to unwind, facilitating the exploration of their ideas, thus enabling psychoanalysts to dig deep into their patients’ psyche. This discovery of the root of their problems was often revealed through dreams and talk therapy. While Freud was travelling the world offering psychoanalytic therapy, he would always make sure that he had a sofa together with him in the office. Eventually, Freud’s practice using leather Chesterfield sofas was emulated by other professionals in the field of psychoanalysis.  


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Sitting on Clouds 

The cushion fillings of your Chesterfield sofas are subjective - everyone has their own personal preference on how “plushy” and comfy they want their sofa to be. Some want their cushions to be extra soft, as if they are sitting on clouds, and some prefer to have more rigidity. Moreover, people have different weights, and they lie and sit on their sofas in multiple ways and postures. Your weight exerts the most pressure on parts of the cushion that are most commonly in contact with the weight-bearing areas of your body. For instance, you may have a particular habit of curling up at a specific corner of the sofa or sitting with a raised leg which may cause the cushion to sag and lose shape at the specific corners.

Users can choose from a wide selection of cushion fillings like goose down feathers, foam, polyester, or feather-wrapped fibers. Out of this selection, foam is the most popular option, in which a high-quality Chesterfield sofa should have foam padding with a mix of different densities. This padding should be applied over the sofa frame in a way that can provide a feeling of softness on the exterior while making sure that the frame remains unnoticeable when you sit on the sofa. The sofa manufacturer should also do a quality check to ensure that the foam padding composite is completely secured to the frame by hand. Additionally, feathers and polyester fibers should be used in a significant amount, providing sufficient volume to make sitting a pleasurable experience. Often, feathers and fibers are combined together, with or without foam, to create high-quality hybrid cushioning.

The Right Kind of Suspension

The level of comfort that you can get from your Chesterfield sofas is determined partly by the quality of the suspension systems. As a matter of fact, both the cushion filling and the suspension of the sofa are two peas in a pod - the right combination ensures years of peaceful relaxation in your living room without sacrificing either quality. Many types of suspension are used in the construction of the sofa, like serpentine springs, coiled spring units, and Elastobelt webbing. 

A good suspension system needs to have enough springs beneath the padding and high-grade webbing to prevent the daily usage of the sofa from collapsing the system. The suspension system should be just right - neither feeling too vacant nor too springy. The type of suspension system needed and the level of resistance it should possess differ based on the types of Chesterfield sofas. These can be ascertained by asking the opinion of a skillful handicraftsman. For example, a pocket coil spring system is a suspension system designed to completely envelop each individual spring in fabric. More springs can be put near each other, which causes even distribution of weight across the bed of springs. An 8-way hand tied coil spring is a suspension system with excellent quality. It contains multiple coil springs anchored on the bottom with metal or jute webbing and tied by hand at eight different points on the top with twine. 


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Minimal Cleaning Requirements

It can be stressful having to deal with the mess your children make on the sofa. It will be double the trouble if you also have a pet that often digs its paws into the couch and scratches to its heart’s content. What’s more stressful is if you have a leather sofa, there is a good chance that your dogs or cats will scratch up the outermost layer and then find their way into the inner layer of the leather, which has different pigmentation compared to the outer layer. This will result in white-coloured scratches. So, if you are looking for a sofa that can be easy to take care of while having mess-makers or sofa-scratchers at home, then fabric Chesterfield sofas are a match made in heaven for you! Unlike leather material, fabric material does not need frequent maintenance and is resistant to spills and stains. It can be easily cleaned with readily available fabric cleaning products on the market. A natural fabric like wool is made up of oil that is liquid-repellent known as lanolin. Apart from that, some of the stain-resistant fabrics include synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, rayon, acrylic, and olefin. These man-made fibers are also a wonderful choice for pet-friendly sofas as they can resist wear and tear and at the same time, are perfect to camouflage pulls or pet hairs.


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Robust Frame 

Chesterfield sofas are the perfect piece of furniture in your living room if you value durability. The skeleton of a Chesterfield sofa is typically made from high-quality beech hardwood which provides more integrity to the sofa due to its straight grain. This is a durable material that ensures the longevity of the Chesterfield sofas. The frame also undergoes a slow kiln drying process, where the wood is heated at a particular level of humidity and temperature to remove moisture. This process helps to preserve and stabilise the wood and makes it less prone to bend and break compared to air-dried wood.


Exquisite Details 

Compared to other sofas, Chesterfield sofas have exquisite detailing, which can make the furniture a point of attention in your living room. This classic sofa has manually hand-tacked nails, rolled arms and deep button tufting. Chesterfield sofas are widely known for deep button tufting in which the craftsperson secures the tuft of the sofa using buttons onto the sofa while stitching a special pattern to create uniformly located depressions or indents. Often, the buttons have similar colour to the upholstery but a contrasting colour can be used to form a unique appeal. When a person sits on the sofa, the body is supported by the cushioning formed by the secured buttons, therefore enhancing the comfort level of the sofa. What’s better, the paddings help stop the formation of deep wrinkles and thus prevent wear and tear of the sofa! 


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The Clean Silhoutte

The classic clean silhouette of Chesterfield sofas is the very design that would remain evergreen despite the change of seasons. Compared to other sofas, Chesterfields are designed to be less fluffy with fewer plushy cushions which fortunately do not compromise on the level of comfort. People still feel cosy and comfortable whenever they sit or lounge on the deep seat of the sofa. The classic rolled arms paired with its tufted back and seat of the sofa always appear immaculate.

The Take-Away

Now that you have come to the end of this article, we hope it will give you more insight into Chesterfield sofas or convince you to choose this sofa for your living room. If you are on the lookout for well-designed and high-quality Chesterfield sofas, please don’t hesitate to visit our website! We have a wide selection of Chesterfield sofas with wonderful designs that you can select. As history suggests, Chesterfield sofas possess a timeless quality and are never outdated. This rustic showpiece can be a fantastic investment as it will probably still remain in style for years to come. Who knows, maybe you can make it an inherited piece of furniture for your future generation à la the original founder Lord Stanhope too!

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