Why Shop Wholesale for Fabrics in Malaysia

April 25, 2019


Sewing has become one of the few popular hobbies people pick up during their free time, it has surpassed that stigma which portrays sewing as an activity only done by older people or skilled professionals of the trade. With the advancement of technology, we are given access to a wide range of tutorials easily accessible online, providing exposure to our younger generations and avid DIY lovers.

However, before you begin your new found sewing hobby, you would first need to obtain the materials needed to begin with. Thread and a needle may not be the hardest things to find, unless in a hay stack (no pun intended), but we are talking about the raw material needed for sewing – fabric. You may choose to buy them online through a virtual store, or a fabric store nearby your house. But are you making the right choice to ensure that your fabric is bought at the best price and quality? Daunting as it sounds, wholesale purchases are your best bet in getting a great haul. Not only are the pricing budget family, but the sheer number of choices available will surely make it an enjoyable experience.

Why should you go wholesale when in search for fabrics? Here are a few things for your consideration for wholesale fabric shopping in Malaysia.

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Gigantic Wholesale Cities

Yes, you read the title correctly, wholesale cities and no, they are not fictional places made for a sci-fi movie. With the growing demand for fabrics in Malaysia, wholesalers have evolved to keep up with the huge demand of their customers. These wholesale cities are actually a gigantic lot dedicated to different wholesalers who are gathered in one single place. Not only does it allow visitors to go through different shops without having to travel to different places, it also provides added choices as well. Not to mention the different offers provided by the vendors, allowing for added bargaining power. 

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Quality & Choice  

Another reason to go wholesale is the amazing quality and choices made available. Imagine getting fresh produce directly from the farm, the same mechanics applies here as the fabrics are directly from the manufacturer, thus increasing the possibility of finding some of the best quality fabrics available in the market. Another plus point is that you have tons of fabric to choose from, with every turn and isle leading you to another category.

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Expert Advice and Value Add Services

Most of the time, we are pretty lost when it comes to buying fabrics. Unless you are a seasoned expert, it is fairly a difficult task to find a fabric that suits you best out of the tons of other fabrics in the store. Not to mention the different designs, qualities, textures and more. Fret not, wholesalers are usually ready to serve you with their expert advice. If you are having trouble picking the right fabric, give them a nudge and they will be more than happy to help you out. Additionally, if you require further assistance, they offer extra services such as sewing as well. Some wholesalers actually provide a one stop solution where customers buy the fabrics and give them to the wholesaler to produce their desired end product. Convenience at its best!

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Time Saving Convenience

Speaking about convenience, we understand as fellow Malaysians we are bogged down by the dreaded traffic jams, long working hours and huge crowds. Time is a luxury for most of us as we are constantly occupied by our day to day tasks. Moving at a fast pace, we look for alternatives that minimizes the time needed to complete a certain task, especially when it comes to buying items. Thankfully enough, wholesalers provide a one stop service for your fabric shopping needs. Allowing you to look through tons of product without having to travel around town. Lastly, some wholesaler even provide online shopping as well, giving it another plus point for convenience. 

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