Upholstery Fabric vs Upholstery Leather

July 9, 2018


It makes sense that choices with lasting consequences are only made concrete after intense deliberation; for instance, deciding between leather and fabric upholstery for your home or work space. To make the process a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages as well as some solutions Acacia offers to counter the cons so you can be truly confident in the choice you have made!

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1. Vegan-Friendly
Originating either from plant sources, synthetic material or both, opting to furnish your home with upholstery fabric is easy on your conscience.

2. Style Range
Fortunately, the ethical way to go isn’t anything short of stylish! It is commonly known that there are a wider range of textures, colours and designs to choose from as compared to leather collections.

3. Comfortable and Cooling
Cotton based upholstery is ultra-comfortable especially in hot, humid climates as the fibrous fabric is cool and breathable – great for our Malaysian weather!

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1. High Maintenance
It is commonly thought fabric upholstery is extremely high maintenance as compared to upholstery leather which only requires a quick wipe-down to look as good as new.
SOLUTION: However, homeowners with such furnishing for their sofas have a reason to rejoice as Acacia Fabrics have introduced the Circle Clean service which is quick and efficient, leaving your sofa looking like it did when it first moved in! Get in touch with us to find out more about what this service can do for your home.

2. Spillage Nightmare
Restaurant owners or families with young children may think twice about clothing their seats with fabric since spills may be aplenty and fabric is undisputedly more absorbent than leather.
SOLUTION: Worry not with the FibreGuard fabric collection. With just a cloth and a little water (and perhaps a bit of soap if it’s stubborn), accidents and stains easily be removed.

3. Dust mites ‘mite’ cause allergy
Unlike upholstery leather, not all fabrics are hypoallergenic and may trigger dust-related allergies. This is an important to consider as sofas are for the long term.

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1. A Dream to Clean
Leather deals with accidents a lot more efficiently than fabrics. As a less-absorbent material, spills can easily and quickly be managed with just a cloth and a hair-dryer.

2. Hypo-Allergenic
Unlike upholstery fabrics, the lack of natural fibres and breathable material in leather products mean dust-mites do not breed on them.

3. Easy to Maintain
Prepare your home for guests with an effortless wipe-down with a damp cloth – that’s all you need for your couch to look brand new.

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1. It’s Sensitive! (to Temperature)
Leather responds to the temperature surrounding it. In a cool air-conditioned room, unoccupied seats may initially be rather chilly to the touch; though warming up later through our body heat once it has been sat on. On the other hand, direct sunlight and high humidity (not uncommon to Malaysian weather) may make your upholstery sticky and uncomfortably warm.

2. Ethical Concerns
An age-old controversy regarding the ethics of leather upholstery remains the solid reason for animal-lovers to disregard this furnishing option.
SOLUTION: We, however, have good news! Our extensive range of vinyl leather upholstery products (e.g. All Out Vinout, Burlesque) mean the ethically conscious who still appreciate a classic leather look can have the best of both worlds!

3. Puncture Problem
For families with young, active children with access to sharp stationery, leather upholstery may not be the wisest option

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