Throwing the Curtain Shopping Rulebook out the Window

July 26, 2018


With interior design being such an acute representation of a person’s individuality, conventional ideas should never be allowed to dictate how you can or cannot decorate your own personal space. We say it’s time to throw the old rulebook out the window when it comes to curtain shopping.

Here’s to putting on some fresh eyes on curtains and elevating your room to the next level with these tips and hacks.

1. More than just a window treatment

Sure, curtains are a good way to dress up your windows, but why stop there? Above and beyond controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the room, curtains can also be a creative way to bring more depth and personality to a space.

Curtains can be used to command attention to a particular aspect or furniture in the room. They are a great way to draw focus to a certain items you wish to highlight. For instance, by using curtains or drapery behind your headboard, you can make your bed a statement piece in the boudoir.

Alternatively, instead of drawing focus, curtains can also hide away parts of the room that are an eyesore, such as mess and clutter. This is an especially ideal solution of you have an open storage -tidying up when guests turn up unannounced is simply one curtain tug away.

Acacia 1 1000x1000 Millennium

Millennium / Collection

Acacia 1 1000x1000 Genii

Genii / Collection

2. Taking curtains to the Great Outdoors

As mentioned above, curtains can be used in more way than just a window dressing. By choosing the right fabric, curtains can be used outdoors on the patio, porch, deck, pool side – the applications are limited only be your imagination.

Think about lazing in your hammock as the wind flutters through the drapes in your gazebo, or the pop of color as the candlelight flickers behind the curtains while you wine and dine to a romantic outdoor dinner on the balcony. Outdoor curtains are not only perfect to control natural light, they can be used to set the mood, enhance the ambiance and bring an air of luxury to your outdoor living.

Acacia 2 1000x1000 Inside Out

Inside Out / Collection

Acacia 2 1000x1000 Kadelio

Kadelio / Collection

3. Say goodbye to uniformly dressed windows

Gone are the days where your windows need to have the same window treatment, curtain design and fabric. Get inventive and express your artistry by throwing together different combinations of patterns, colors and even fabrics to create a look that best suits the room’s mood and your individuality!

Mixing and matching curtains will give your room a modern and trendy facelift that will certainly leave an impression on your guests. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind vibe in your home or a signature focal point that you can be proud to call your own, then don’t let this curtain convention hold you back!

Acacia 3 1000x1000 Millennium

Millennium / Collection

Acacia 3 1000x1000 Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams / Collection

4. Curtain and wall color monotony begone

There is a long-held belief that matching your curtains to that of the wall will bring the entire room together and create an overall calm and serene feel. If you think that this will be too monotonous for your liking, feel free to select curtains the same color but are a shade or two away from your wall color, for a more neutral and harmonious environment.

That said however, if bold contrasts are more to your style choice, selecting a loud curtain color will make for a striking visual highlight in your room. This will work great for small spaces that with curtains as the focal point. Just be cautious about having too many vivid hues in your overall décor as the contrasting colors can quickly become overwhelming and discordant.

Acacia 4 1000x1000 Bali

Bali / Collection

Acacia 4 1000x1000 Headline

Headline / Collection

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