The More The Merrier: Purchasing Textiles Wholesale

June 21, 2019


Take a moment to consider the prices as you walk into your favourite high-street fashion boutique… steep? Thought so. Now, imagine yourself visiting the infamous Platinum Shopping Mall in Bangkok or perhaps something a little closer to home like Sungei Wang Plaza, buying into the shopkeeper’s insistence that “if you get 3, I give you discount’’. Although it’s on a much smaller scale, that’s essentially the concept of wholesale – buying in bulk to achieve better affordability.

As South East Asia’s leading distributor, Acacia Fabrics houses over 2000 fabric designs and more than 1.5million metres of fabric; the economies of scale allowing us to match both the various home furnishing needs of the consumer as well as their prudent pockets. We list some reasons why partnering with an established wholesale textile importer of top-quality, international-grade fabrics will propel your retail brand forward!

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Airstream / Collection

1. Excess Access

Acacia Fabrics is the link between your retail store to not one, not two but eight different familiar brands of upholstery fabric, allowing you to offer your clients are equally extensive array of fabrics to put you on the map as a retailer of tasteful and trendy varieties. Stocking brands the likes of UV ProFibreGuard and FR-One, Acacia Fabrics offers functional yet fashionable fabrics to furnish your home and work spaces. The added advantage of purchasing these textiles wholesale is the affordable price you’re able to offer it to your clients for, certainly placing you in their good stead.

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Airstream / Collection

2. Size Doesn’t Matter…

Whether you’re a retailer with 50 employees or just 5, a partnership such as this allows your company to benefit from the discounts that come with purchasing textiles wholesale. The scale of your business matters less in deciding which designs to offer your clients as these cost advantages allow you to present them with the luxury of choice, hence giving your business an edge. Size really doesn’t matter, it’s how you use these tips and tricks that does!

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Super Sonic / Collection

3. …Neither Does Space

We know secure real estate in developing cities is becoming increasingly challenging but “My shop is tiny!” no longer serves as a valid excuse not to grant your clients the upholstery fabrics they so wish to have in their homes at competitive prices. With our office and warehouse space spanning 70,000 sq ft, you can be sure that your customers’ favourite fabrics are just one delivery away from being theirs. The concept of co-dependence between us, the textile wholesalers, and you, the retailer, is simple: we provide the stock while you provide the choice!

Anticipating the customers’ wants before they even realise it themselves while being able to assist them in identifying their ideal fabrics is crucial in building rapport with them. But how else will you be able to successfully meet their needs if not with choice?

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