The Importance of Curtain and Drapery Cleaning

August 28, 2018

by Gary Lian

Curtains and Draperies are wonderful elements at home, which greatly enhances the ambient and style of the living environment, while also functions as protection from sunlight, filter from air borne particles, and your home privacy. However, most people neglect on ensuring the cleanliness and condition of the curtains.

Here are some reasons to clean the curtains at home regularly:

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Curtains are more than a piece of decoration

The fundamental function of curtains at home is to decorate your home with the design characteristics and style to suit your taste. However, it also has a significant function serving as air filter, trapping dusts, pollutants and other harmful air borne contaminants from outside.
Poorly maintained curtains are shelter for allergens and bacteria and mildew, which are hazards to our health, causing respiratory disease and skin disease and allergic reactions.

Over time, dusts and contaminants build up in the curtains and sheers, rendering it an ineffective filter and void of protection to your indoor environment. Therefore, it is of great importance to regularly clean curtains at your home to ensure it is free from excessive accumulation of dust and dirt, just like how you would clean the filter of your AC unit or air purifier units!


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Great Appearance, Stay Attractive

Curtains always play a crucial role in determining the overall appearance of your home. A wonderful piece of furnishing completes the mood and ambient of any indoor space. While we often invest significantly on the initial outlay for your perfect curtain combinations, it is equally important to ensure that these items stay attractive for a long time.

A clean and good-looking curtain goes a long way to setting up a comfortable living environment, as well as welcoming guests to your beautiful home. Great hospitality are best exhibited with clean and immaculate curtains and furniture, for these items significantly forms a clean atmosphere.

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Home is Best Lived in Comfort

Curtains often delivers the right ambiance and feel to each room, through its myriad of style, designs, texture and colours. It has the influence of keeping everyone in the room in a happy and comfortable state. Hectic daily schedule causes a lot of stress and pressure, wearing down one’s state of mind.

Coming back home to a cozy, comfortable and breathable environment enables you to break free from the gloomy setting of a dirty and dusty place. Regularly cleaned curtains will ensure your home is always lived in comfort.

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Protect Your Investment – Curtains

Curtains and draperies at home often forms a large part of your home’s furnishings budget, but often the most neglected items, given little attention and care. While built-in cabinets and fittings are built to last for years, the soft and delicate nature of curtain textiles needs proper and regular care and maintenance to last longer.

Proper methods and scheduled cleaning of your curtains will extend the lifespan of your curtains, and at the same time maintain the lustre and softness of the material.

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