The Best Eyelet Curtain Tips For 2022

September 20, 2022

by Kristen Phang

Designing with Eyelet curtains is so much fun! Their simple yet strong structure can support every type of fabric regardless of weight. Every part of the curtain is customisable, including the rings embedded inside the curtain, and they are suitable for every room in your household.

They are the perfect curtains for people who love decorating their homes. Eyelet curtains offer so much variety in their design, utility and even their location that you can bring any design you have in mind to life!

However, with so many design choices, where do we start?

In this blog post, we will show a few tips to help you find the best eyelet curtains for your home, both in design and utility. We’ve also got the latest curtain styles and trends to help you choose the loveliest eyelet curtains for this year.


Merit / Collection

Tip 1: Get experimental with curtain designs!

Eyelet curtains are super easy to change thanks to their customisable structure. Because of this, you can find a huge market of eyelet curtain with a wide range of fabric choices for different occasions, moods and trends. With such convenience and accessibility, it would be a waste not to explore designs with eyelet curtains!

A good time to awaken the interior designer in you is during festive occasions. Before Chinese New Year, you can take down your normal curtains and hang deep red velvet curtains with thick golden ties to hold them in place.

When it is Hari Raya Aidilfitri, you can use thick ketupat green curtains with gold Arabic designs to make your house more luxurious. 

You can also look at different interior styles and design trends to find inspiration and ideas. You don’t need to follow your chosen style exactly, but using them as a reference is a great way to find the right mood for your environment.

For example, if you want a calming, welcoming and aesthetic home environment, you may want to mimic the Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style uses light, muted colours and greenery to create a well-lit, comfortable environment. Based on this information, you can choose cotton beige curtains with or without large leaf designs.

After you understand how a style’s colour palette, accents, curtain choice and materials create a room’s ambience, it will be easier to make changes according to your liking without disturbing your original aesthetic or mood. 

Let’s go back to the Scandinavian example. After few months, if you change things up, you can change your plain curtains with coffee-coloured linens for a cosy cabin feel or a blue or green cotton curtain for a pop of colour. If you feel adventurous, you can try going for a different design and/or mood altogether.

We have introduced you to two places you can start, but if you have your own ideas, go for them! You won’t know what works until you try.


Rewind / Collection

Tip 2: Always Keep Spare Curtains.

Who says you only need one pair of eyelet curtains for your windows?

It is always good to keep a few spare curtains in your storage room for cleaning purposes. When you need to wash your dusty curtains, you don’t need to leave your windows bare. Having spare curtains also allows you to give your room a new look.

Even a new homeowner on a budget will likely need at least one extra set of curtains in your storage room.

Don’t worry about curtain maintenance either! Eyelet curtains don’t have hooks, latches or mechanisms, they are very easy to clean and keep. All you need to do is take down the rod it hangs from, pull the curtain out, and pop it into your washing machine. When you want to keep your spare curtains, fold them like any other rectangular cloth and put them in a covered box to prevent dust. Eyelet curtains don’t take up a lot of space either.

With spare eyelet curtains, you can change your curtains once a month for a dust-free environment and a refreshing change of scenery.


Desertia / Collection

Tip 3: Understand your home life well.

Imagine this: you just arrived at the front door of your house after a long day of work. You are tired, you are hungry, and you just want to crash on the couch. Behind that door is your living room with an eyelet curtain.

Now let me ask you this: what kind of feeling do you want to receive when you open the door? What features would your eyelet curtain have to create this feeling?

If you have bright yellow plastic curtains with cartoon blue flowers in your living room, you will find it hard to relax in such a visually busy environment. Plastic curtains don’t do a good job blocking out sunlight and noise, and the bright colours and busy patterns would tire our eyes.

However, if you instead saw a muted grey linen curtain, its thick material and calming tones immediately set you in the right mood to lie down and relax.

We don’t hang up our eyelet curtains just because they are pretty. We hang them up because we want our curtains to control the amount of sunlight we let into the house, block out noise and wind, and protect our privacy.

Every person has a different lifestyle, and we all have different needs. So, when you buy eyelet curtains, you shouldn’t just choose pretty fabrics. Instead, we should select beautiful fabrics with the right utility that sets the right mood for our homes and support our lifestyle.

If you already have a set tone for your room, you should make sure that your eyelet curtains match the colour tones and style of other furniture in the room.


Woolskin / Collection

Tip 4: Make design choices for literally every part of your eyelet curtains.

When you design with eyelet curtains, don’t just think about the fabric’s material, colour and texture. You have to make design choices for its finials, rod and eyelets too!

Due to its structure, every part of the eyelet curtain can be seen clearly. Even from a far distance, you can see the rod in between the folds and the eyelet rings. Little details like the rod’s material can make or break an eyelet curtain's aesthetic. Each piece is removable and has its range and selection of material, design and colour, so make design choices that work to your advantage!

By paying attention to these small details, your guests will appreciate the amount of thought you put into your home life!


Transit / Collection

Tip 5: Don’t add designs to your eyelet curtains! Be as simple as possible.

We are busy people. We often go out of the house to either work or explore the world. But, even if we stay at home, we want to spend that time watching movies, doing fun hobbies or simply sleeping in bed instead of doing chores.

Because of this, most modern interior designs lean towards functionality, simplicity and clean looks. They look and are easy to clean, every design choice is used practically and effectively, and its use of space helps us relax after a long day. 

That’s why eyelet curtains suit modern homes so well! It has simple folds that are sleek, clean and defined. They are easy to clean and match well with other furniture. To really complete its outstanding simplicity, we recommend choosing plain curtains with solid colours.

If you do want to use patterns to give your home a bit more personality, we recommend using large patterns that are designed to be seen vertically. Large vertical patterns like geometric shapes won’t be disrupted when the eyelet curtains are drawn and aren’t visually busy like small patterns.

Subtle patterns that can only be seen once you take a closer look at the curtain’s fabric also work well.


Stylise / Collection

Tip 6: Explore eyelet curtain fabric colours and textures instead.

At first glance, a plain solid colour eyelet curtain doesn’t offer many design options. But when you start exploring colour and textures, you will find that there is so much creativity you can explore beyond visual appearance.

In colour theory, a single colour can give off a different vibe based on shade and tonality. For example, a cobalt blue eyelet curtain has a darker, rich saturation that gives a royal vibe suited for luxurious living rooms. However, if you lighten the colour and reduce the saturation, a baby blue gives gentler nurturing tones that are great for baby rooms.

As for fabrics, the thickness and fluidity of the material can define an eyelet curtain’s style. For example, light fabrics like lace or toile give a breezy and airy look, giving it a gentle elegance that works well for feminine or natural interiors. Thicker materials like canvas weigh down the fabric and have thick, defined folds, giving it a royal grandeur.

Texture can also affect the visual design of the cloth, like how silks give curtains a smooth shimmer.

Just be aware that when choosing fabric materials, you will have to consider the appearance and utility of the cloth. Don’t have to compromise practicality over style. 

At Acacia Fabrics, we provide drapery fabrics with a vast range of colour tones, patterns and textures for all materials. In fact, some of the cloths we just showed you in tips 5 and 6 samples of our high-quality cloths.

If you would like to explore our collections for your eyelet curtains, you can check them out in our catalogue:

At Acacia Fabrics, we provide drapery fabrics with a vast range of colour tones, patterns and textures for all materials. In fact, some of the cloths we just showed you in tips 5 and 6 samples of our high-quality cloths.

If you would like to explore our collections for your eyelet curtains, you can check them out in our catalogue:


Cruiser / Collection

Tip 7: Layer your eyelet curtains! Experiment with different layering combinations.

If you have installed layers for your eyelet curtains, use them fully! Layering allows you to use two curtains for a broader range and control over an eyelet curtain’s utility and designs

Most people put a solid curtain over a sheer curtain because it gives a classy yet modern look. It also offers a range of control for sunlight and sound depending on which curtains you use. If you just close the sheer, you can let in bright sunlight while blocking out heat. But if you want privacy at night and block out the noise, you can just draw your solid curtains over your sheer layer.

This is not the only combination you can use. Some people put a sheer curtain over a solid curtain, because it has the same functions as a solid over sheer but it has a more elegant appearance.

You can also try putting two sheer eyelet curtains on top of one another if you don’t want heavy curtains. Try using different patterns and colours for each layer to create a new pattern or colour shade.

You don’t necessarily need to stick to one layer pattern either. So long as your rod can support heavy fabrics when required, you can change your eyelet curtains and use different layering combinations according to your preferences.


Recharge / Collection 

Tip 8: Take your time.

Home decoration is a hobby that mostly makes small environmental changes over time.

You don’t need about cost too much as eyelet curtains are quite affordable. You can get most eyelet curtains, finials, eyelets and rods below RM100! (However, so expect higher quality fabrics to go as high as RM600.)

However, you don’t need to buy various curtains in bulk to have a huge range of design choices if your budget doesn’t allow it. That Vortex collection isn’t going anywhere. You can always purchase them another time.


Vortex / Collection 

However, you don’t need to buy various curtains in bulk to have a huge range of design choices if your budget doesn’t allow it. That Vortex collection isn’t going anywhere. You can always purchase them another time.

So long as you budget well and practice patience, you can gradually build an impressive collection of eyelet curtains.

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