Sofa Set Covers to Refurbish Your Beloved Couch

January 22, 2019


Do you remember the first time buying your beloved sofa set or couch? Bringing her home where you enjoyed countless Friday Night Movies. Falling asleep as you laze away your relaxing Saturday afternoon. Or just having to cuddle up with your loved one. Like all things we love, there always comes a time where they began to age and sadly fall apart. It is sad to see that glorious sofa set go to waste, not looking as pretty as it used to while sharing so many fond memories together.

If you are thinking of throwing away old faithful, we have some good news for you! It doesn’t have to be goodbye! Although your sofa may be down in the dumps now, there is actually a way to spruce up and make your sofa look like new. Reupholstering is a budget friendly way that can add many more years to its life but selecting the right fabric is a crucial step as well.

It depends on your lifestyle and priorities, you may not have children when you first bought your sofa but you should think of getting the right fabric since you have a team of younglings running round the house. Durability and easy cleaning should be the top priority if you have children, but if you are a single person or an unmarried couple, you may indulge in something more lush and glamorous.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Copacabana

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Cotton Twill

Looking for something that is instant yet easy on your wallet? Cotton Twill will make an ideal option because of its tight weaves that enables it to resists wear and tear. Made perfect for a room with high traffic, young children can be left to play without the worries of it being ruined the moment it arrives. Try getting the fabric in colours that are multi-coloured to minimize the chances of it getting soiled. Do bear in mind to keep open flames clear of your sofa as the fabric is extremely flammable unless treated.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Majesty

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Often found on sofas in home furnishing stores, it is also known as microsuede. Relatively budget-friendly as well, it goes well with almost any style of room décor. An added point for this fabric is that it has stain-resistant properties and can be further treated for added resistance. Cleaning is a breeze as all you need is a damp cloth. Its tight weaves is an added attribute as it deters claw marks from your beloved pooch but do take note that it is not indestructible.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Aspen

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Velvet made out of high-density wool or poly-blend velvet is a classy option that can withstand quite an amount of punishment as well. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, this highly versatile fabric sets the mood for a cozy and inviting setting. Depending on the make-up, some velvet materials are considered to be highly flammable, so do remember to check the label before making a purchase if you are planning to put your sofa near an open flame.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Tanning

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Leather is an option you can consider when durability is at the highest concern above all. However, the cost involved will not be budget friendly to start with, but rest assured you are paying for your monies worth though. It is a beautiful choice that will go well in both a modern and traditional setting. Stains will also be the least of your worries as it can be treated for added stain resistance where dirt and other residue can be removed with just a damp cloth. Be vary of sharp objects as they might damage the finishing. If they manage to cut through your new leather cover, it will be nearly impossible to repair.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x1000 Lienz

Lienz / Collection

Latex Backed

For those of you looking to achieve a more luxurious look when recovering your sofa in a room that is not used daily, there are an abundance of upholstery fabrics that may be used to add that satin look to a room. By adding a latex back, these loose weaved fabrics tends to be more durable. Despite more vulnerable to tears, the latex will stop the tear from going right through the inners of a sofa and can be easily repaired with a few good stitches.

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