Slipcovers - Clothing for Your Furniture

November 30, 2018

by Martin Ooi

Shopping for your new home or looking to change that old sofa set in your living room? We are pretty sure that you would have come by the term ‘slipcover’ by now. Wondering what is this new term you are hearing that sounds like a cross between a slip on and bedsheet cover? No, it is not a new fashion trend but its functionality is somewhat similar to the clothing we wear, but for your furniture that is.

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What exactly is a slipcover?

As mentioned earlier on in the beginning, a slipcover or sometimes also called a loose cover is basically a protective fitted cover that can be slipped on or off a piece of upholstered furniture. Usually made of cloth, it allows it to be removed which allows for different designs to suit the season, washing or for easy storage as well.

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Where did the idea for slipcovers come from?

For this we would need to go back in time, as far back to the medieval days. Imagine hot summer days without the availability of air-conditioning or even electric fans, there would have been quite a bit of perspiration. Thus, slipcovers were used as an outer protection for furniture in order to keep the acidic sweat at bay while also maintaining the freshness of the furniture below, be it a leather couch or fabric sofa set.

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Evolution of slipcovers

As time progressed, the need for slipcovers became relevant in modern times as well. However, there wasn’t much of customization as compared to the olden times. Due to the progression and advancement of machinery and technology, slipcovers are able to be manufactured at a much lower price and is readily available at retail stores.

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The industry, then and now

Back then, making slipcovers were considered a skilled profession as it required quite a bit of customization and an eye for details. Since tailoring was considered a family profession, the ways of making slipcovers differed from one tailor to another. Considered an art, it was a closely guarded secret where it is passed down from generation to generation.

Now that we have answered a few question about the history of slipcovers, here are some tips for getting slipcovers to fit the first time. If you are new to the amazing world of furniture, I believe that you may have a few questions when it comes to buying slipcovers for your sofa. Although it may not be rocket science, we thought it would be great to show you some tips on how to select slipcovers that actually fit your couch.

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Measurements are crucial for success

Yes, even though we live in a modern age where we no longer need to customize our slipcovers, but it does not mean that we can buy any cover off the rack as well. Because ultimately, our sofas or furniture are different in size, length and width. By using a measuring tape, first take the measurement from the longest part of your sofa, go as far as the arms to have an accurate figure. Do also take note on the width of the arms as well.

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Choosing a type

There are a variety of designs to choose from but it all depends on you as well. If you are going for a clean look, a fitted slipcover will provide a neat and seamless appearance, which makes it hard to spot that the furniture has been covered. You may also choose variants that drape or tie over furniture, if you are looking for something that fits perfectly, you may have a visit to your local tailor to customize them to the measurements and fabric of your pleasing.

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Colour coordinating your slipcovers

Usually slipcovers come in neutral colours that make it easier for them to blend in to your room. However, if you are more adventurous, you may also go for brighter patterns to dress up a room. Do remember to be cautious and look out for carpets and draperies in order to achieve a perfect blend of colours, choosing the wrong colour may cause your furniture to look out of place.

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Choosing the right fabrics

Before moving on to buy a slipcover, have a few minutes to think on how often would a piece furniture be used? If it is a family sofa in the living room and you have kids around, it is a good move to pick out something that is easily washable or stain resistant. Tear resistant may be an added attribute that you want to look in to as well. From silk to indestructible poly blends, they come in every fabric thinkable. So choose wisely!

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