Selecting the Right Sofa Fabric for Your Home

June 20, 2019

by Joann Lim

Looking to refresh the upholstery on your dated-looking sofas? As a leading expert on fabrics, we understand better than anyone that one of the hardest choices to make when deciding on custom upholstery is having to select the right fabric.

Most people tend to sway towards upholstery fabrics based on the colors or designs that they find attractive. However, an important takeaway is to account for the various fibre characteristics of each fabric that can really make a difference in its functionality.

After all, you want to ensure that your sofa not only looks good, but is also easy to care for and will endure wear and tear through the years.

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Prioritize Practical Needs First

The foremost thing you should think about before selecting a sofa fabric is to consider your living habits, the people (or pets!) in your home who will be frequently utilizing the item and then work from there. For practical purposes, functionality and usage should always take precedence over aesthetics.

For instance, you may love the look and feel of a silky or velvety textile, but if you live in a home with children or cats, this is not going to be a practical idea in the long run, as the fabric is likely to get ruined very quickly.

Likewise, frequently used sofas or chairs in high-traffic spaces such as the living room will require fabrics with greater durability than, say, the armchair or settee in your bedroom.

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In It for the Long Run

Another thing to consider is how well the fabric of your choice will hold over time. A common mistake that many people make is overlooking how the material or leather will age with time. An important conversation you should have with the salesperson at the showroom is to ask how the fabric will look five years down the road. Will you still like the leather on your sofa when it starts developing a patina over the years? Will your selected sofa fabric fade from exposure to sunlight, or will you need to close the curtains when not in the room to avoid this?

Apart from that, you should also talk about the cleaning requirements needed to maintain and protect your chosen sofa fabric. Will you need to purchase a special solution to polish and clean the leather? How often will you be vacuuming the upholstery fabric? These questions will greatly help you determine the upkeep and maintenance required for your sofa fabric.

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The Fabric Solution for Easy Upkeep and Cleaning

So does this mean that you can only opt for dull and limited options in favour of practicality and durability if you have pets, kids or don’t fancy rigorous cleaning routines? We say no! With our vast selection of fabrics, we at Acacia Fabrics will be happy to pair your needs for durability, functionality and easy upkeep with that of the many gorgeous designs from our fabric library.

Talk to us today - we’re here to help you find the sweet spot between charming aesthetics and practical living.

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