Scandinavian Aesthetic with Minimalist Twist Curtain Designs in Singapore

March 12, 2020

by Alpha Lim

The right curtains can turn a house into a home. A home with no curtains feels empty, while a house with the wrong curtains never feels completely comfortable. The perfect curtains will help make the residents feel safe and relaxed while still being attractive to visitors.

When the home feels safe and the people who live there really enjoy the surroundings, the family can look forward to time spent with the family relaxing. Even sleep will be easier when surrounded by the right furnishings and window treatments. Everyone who lives in the home can enjoy a higher quality of life, and when visitors come, they will be able to recognise and appreciate the quality and the thought that went into the selections.

Window treatments set the mood for the whole room. Is the room for sleeping? Watching television together? Reading and doing homework quietly? Choosing the focus first will make it possible to make every decorating choice work toward making that room more appropriately functional. The right curtains will help to control the temperature and the amount of natural light that comes in, and the curtains can be adjusted as needed to change light and temperature needs. When curtains cover the windows well, those inside can feel more assured of their privacy, which will also make them feel safer. Changing the colour or choosing a design can even add personality to the room.

What Is the Best Place to Start When It Comes to Choosing the Right Curtains?

There are actually several important considerations when it comes to picking out the best curtains for an individual home. It seems like a lot to think about, but each factor will play at least a small part in the final decision.

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1. The first important consideration is colour. Is the entire room being redecorated, or are the curtains going to match the already existing style? There are curtains in almost any colour or design, and they can be selected either to match or contrast with the rest of the decor. One important consideration for interior design Malaysia is that there is a lot of sunlight, so any bright coloured curtains are likely to fade rather quickly. That won’t be a problem if there is a plan to change the colours regularly, though. Neutral colours will fade less and can be easier to match with the other colours in the room.

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2. Fabric is the next important consideration. In places that experience a lot of heat, insulating curtains can keep out sunlight, keep the heat out, and overall make the house more comfortable. Drapes that are most likely to keep heat out will probably have extra lining, with the most lining providing the strongest insulation. The more lining in the curtains, the less sunlight will be able to get through the material. Some fabrics hang well, while others constantly look wrinkled. Lined linen, faux silk, and velvet are popular for window treatments because they look good and hang well.

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3. The length of the curtains is more important than most people realise. It isn’t necessary to hang the curtains from the actual top of the window. Hanging the windows higher than the actual window will make the entire room seem higher, and it is easy to achieve a dramatic look by hanging them 6 inches or more higher than the top of the window. While earlier styles often had curtains that piled on the floor at the bottom, the more modern style has the curtains stop right at the floor for a clean, even looking finish. The width is important because it is important to add 4 to 8 inches on the sides so they will have the right look when the curtains are open and so they can block out the sun when the curtains are closed.

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4. Dry clean only or washer friendly? Every home has its share of dust, no matter how well or how often it is cleaned. Curtains, in particular, can collect the debris that goes through the air, so they need to be washed fairly frequently to keep the house cleaner and more comfortable. Cleaning curtains can be a pain, but it is easier when keeping some important points in mind. First, there are tags on the curtains that explain what kind of care is best for the particular window treatments. Some materials, such as velvet draperies, can be kept fresh by brushing them with a chamois cloth dipped in hot water on a regular basis, and then washed less frequently. It is best to be gentle with curtains, especially ones that have frills or lace or that are exposed to large amounts of sunlight. Lukewarm or cold water and a gentle cycle or handwashing with a gentle detergent can increase the life of the curtains. Hanging curtains on a line is better than putting them in a dryer.

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5. A home consultation can help with ideas that are unique or that will be more suited to the home. There are even online interior designers who will help homeowners to choose the right colour, fabric and style to suit their living space.

Minimalist Interior Design

While not everyone knows exactly what it means, most people have seen and can appreciate minimalist interior design. Done wrong, a minimalist design can make a home look empty and unlived-in, but done right, this kind of design can make a home feel calm and look beautiful. It is easier to achieve a minimalist design when starting from scratch. For instance, a living room can have a matching couch and chairs with the same neutral colours. The floor plan should be open so that there is room to move around, and the walls should match the neutral colour of the furniture. Some colour is all right, but only to emphasise the neutral colours which dominate the room.

Functionality is also critical to a minimalist design. Everything in the room should be there for a reason, and the furniture should be comfortable and well built. Everything in the room should have a purpose and add value to the space. When the designer is successful, a minimalist design allows the focus to be on something other than the space itself. For example, a bedroom done in a minimalist design will have no distractions, making it easier to relax and sleep when it is time to do so.

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Scandinavian interior design is currently popular in many areas of the world because it offers a minimalist style that is effortlessly beautiful and comfortable. There are several common characteristics of Scandinavian interior design, including:

  • Wood flooring with soft rugs or sheepskins scattered throughout the house,
  • A lot of white, to keep the inside of the home bright during the long, dark winters,
  • Furniture and decorations made of sleek, natural-looking wood,
  • Clean lines instead of fancy details or designs,
  • Little to no clutter, with a bare minimum of decoration, and
  • Plants inside their homes to bring some extra life to their surroundings.

In the past century and likely due to the influence of the industrial revolution and globalisation, Scandinavian design cues have spread across the modern world, bringing with it its themes of minimalism. The clean lines, basic materials and unfussy design have become virtually synonymous with modern décor. One proponent of this trend has been a global Scandinavian furniture company that has a presence in several countries outside of its home in Sweden, which manufactures a range of furnishings including curtains. Ikea curtains provide a basic palette that is an example of that Scandinavian design ethos.

Decorating a Living Room in Singapore or Malaysia

There are as many ways to decorate in Malaysia and Singapore as there are people. Because of the talent pool of interior designers and the individual homeowners who have good taste in home decor, it is possible to find a seemingly endless number of beautiful living rooms specifically designed for the comfort of the family living there. The one thing that all these rooms have in common is that they are attractive, functional, and comfortable.

Whether using a futuristic design or a classic one, it is possible to choose matching items to create a distinctive feel. Minimalist design can keep the room from being the focus, instead allowing the family and visitors to keep their attention on each other. A concept room can have the same recurring design to create a single sense of purpose, while shelving can organise the few items on display.

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Solutions for Hot Tropical Weather

Malaysia and Singapore are unique for many reasons, and the weather is something that must be dealt with sometimes. The heat and humidity mean that there are some extra challenges when it comes to making one’s home comfortable, but it is a small price to pay for getting to live in such a place.

When it comes to choosing curtains, there are some considerations which have already been mentioned. The most important thing as far as keeping out heat and humidity is the ability to block out the sun. There are blackout curtains offered by many retailers, specifically designed for just that purpose. These are available in almost any colour, style, or price, and the most important thing if a homeowner chooses blackout curtains is to also decide what length, width, and fabric are most important to fit within the home’s interior design style. A good blackout curtain can help to keep out heat and cold, and they can be hung either on a rod through the hidden tabs or on hooks. The material is usually 100% recycled polyester so as to be environmentally friendly and to use recycled materials as much as possible. There are also 100% cotton room darkening curtains which can be machine washed and ironed, however, and retailers also sell curtain liners as another option, which can strengthen the effects of other curtains when it comes to insulating from heat and sun.

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Another thing to think about when considering the fabric is that lighter fabrics will hold less moisture, meaning that they will also dry faster. Heat and humidity are two very different things, and what might work best to block out heat and light might be too heavy to be practical when the area is very humid. Many people work with an interior designer to find other kinds of window treatments, such as woven wood blinds or faux wood blinds, which will provide all the advantages of energy efficiency and light control while needing very little upkeep. Vinyl window shutters and cellular or honeycomb blinds are another attractive option.

The Wisdom of Spending Money on Quality Solutions

It is possible to purchase inferior window treatments for a very small amount of money, but those will end up costing more in the long run. Inferior fabrics will wear out faster, and the homeowner will have to keep buying the cheaper curtains on a more frequent basis just to have coverage for the windows. The less expensive curtains will likely do a poor job of keeping out the sun and heat, meaning that the home will be less comfortable and will cost more money to cool.

Possibly worst of all, inferior window treatments will make the house less homey. The people who live there won’t enjoy their home as much, and they won’t be as proud to show it off to guests. Choosing the right curtains is more than just a choice in decoration – it’s a lifestyle choice that can improve the lives of the people who live there.

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