Reasons Why Your Home Needs this Kuala Lumpur based Fabric Supplier

April 25, 2019


So you’re feeling that your house needs a little sprucing up. You come home everyday to the same house. The same coloured walls. The same picture framed up in the living room. Your couch looking like the same couch you bought 10 years ago. Just maybe older and a little stained. And slightly faded. And perhaps not at all like the couch you bought 10 years ago. Renovating the house is an option but its expensive and so you decide against it. Perhaps you bring home a potted plant to spice things up, but that is as far as you think you may go.

Or maybe you’re starting out on a new phase of life. You just got married to the partner of your dreams or just got your dream job and can now afford your very own place. You’re feeling brand new and want to start afresh. You want everything in your new home to feel new and special. Just like how you’re feeling.

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What if I tell you that there is a place that can do all of the above? A place where you have the option of sprucing up your home to reflect exactly how you are feeling. A place where there are so many choices you are spoilt for choice, just as how you deserve to be. Whether you’re feeling brand new in life or are wanting to feel brand new life, here is the answer: Acacia Fabrics.

Established from its humble beginnings over 25 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Acacia Fabrics is one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers in fabrics, with regional offices in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Today, it has reached the peak of what it set out to be-a respected household fabric name in the Malaysian home furnishing scene with a global presence.

You can be assured that with Acacia Fabrics, the quality of the fabrics you purchase will be of the highest kind, tested and fully certified for your comfort and convenience. Tested using the OEKO-TEX and LABOTEX system, Acacia Fabrics products are produced in line with these to ensure safety standards are kept. OEKO-TEX tests fabrics for harmful substances while the LABOTEX system helps to ensure our fabrics are produced at its very best, according to the highest international standards.

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Alongside our very high standards are our variety of options for you to choose from. With over 19,000 products, here at Acacia we have a solution to every fabric need you have. We also have a myriad of collection choices for your household and business needs. Whether its choosing fabric for your curtains, or deciding the new colour of your couch, we have got you covered. Choices can run from different textures, colours and patterns. Whether it is bold patterns like clean cut stripes or rich lustrous colour schemes, Acacia Fabrics has a fabric to suit the needs of every customer and every taste. We also believe that style should always come with functionality and thus our products are catered to be durable and beautiful.

Acacia Fabrics manages three in-house brands, namely Acacia, Estelle and Estelle Prestige and distributes two others (FR-One and UV Pro). As a fabric supplier based in Kuala Lumpur we understand the everyday needs of our customers. Our different fabrics have different functions. The Estelle line is hand woven by artisans for connoisseurs while the UV Pro line is made particularly for outdoor use. However, our high quality fabrics are not limited to these functions. These and more of these can be found on our online website all at the convenience of a mouse click away. Thus, with Acacia Fabrics, you never have to compromise style for functionality and quality.

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Ultra Dim / Collection

As a fabric supplier, Acacia Fabrics believes in delivering products that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Acacia’s products are non-harmful and we try to do our part in making the process of decorating homes and businesses sustainable for the good of the environment. We also believe in making an impact in society through our corporate social responsibility programmes. As a business we believe in giving our customers the complete experience, not only excellence in quality but excellence in curating a sustainable future through our practices.

So if you reside in Kuala Lumpur and you want to restyle your home, or you are simply looking for a trusted fabric supplier to upholster your new home, look no further. Acacia Fabrics is here to help you along with this exciting process. Selecting the right fabric is an important decision for every householder to make and we take our mission to provide high quality fabrics very seriously.

As such, as a leading supplier of fabrics, do not be afraid to take the first step in this journey for a new home as we are with you every step of the way in creating a fresher, newer, more beautiful home for you and your loved ones.

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