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April 14, 2020


Have you got a business in Singapore? Does your business’ office space require fabrics? (It probably does). Are you looking for a fabric supplier? Even if you are not, are you unsatisfied with the fabrics in your office? If you answered yes to all of these questions, it is safe to say that Acacia Fabrics is the right fit for you! Nevertheless, even if you do not have a business office to upholster, you probably have a home, which makes this fabric factory also a perfect fit for homeowners like you!

When one thinks of Singapore, one thinks of the infamous Marina Bay Sands, renowned for its opulence and luxury. Or the rich foods from its culturally diverse people. Whatever your perception of this beautiful island, whether you came for a home or to establish a business, one thing is in common: the need for fabrics. This is where we here at Acacia Fabrics are ready to step in and help you.

Acacia Fabrics is a premium fabric wholesale supplier and has offices and factories all over the South East Asian region. Established in 1994, this fabric supplier is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and is a well-respected brand with over 25 years of experience with multiple projects under its belt.

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Mardi Grass / Collection

The goal of Acacia Fabrics is to provide high quality fabrics. These fabrics range from the kind you use for curtains all the way to the snuggly couch pillow on your comfy sofa. In today’s world where high quality fabrics are hard to find without creating a serious hole in your wallet, consumers can be rest assured that Acacia Fabrics are reasonably priced with a penchant for high quality. Three iconic in-house brands (Acacia, Estelle and Estelle Prestige) are distributed by Acacia in addition to two other brand names (FR-One and UV Pro).

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Magni / Collection

If you find yourself in Singapore, do not be afraid to try out this tried and tested high quality fabric supplier. In its Singapore based factory where local and international brands are sourced to provide customers with the best options for all their fabric related needs, whether for home or business, one can be assured to put your trust in Acacia.

Why buy wholesale? Well, it is more value for money and allows you to opt for the myriad of patterns available for you to choose. In retail shops, the opportunity to have such options are rare. Here at Acacia Fabrics, our passion for fabrics makes us want to ensure that each business or home has the chance to be a reflection of its owner’s personality and mood. Thus, we believe in spoiling our customers for choice in their fabric journey.

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Opera / Collection

In addition to choice, Acacia Fabrics’ factory provides high quality fabrics that can last long and is free from toxic materials. This is because we here at Acacia Fabrics believe that style should not be compromised for quality and safety. It is safe to say that whether for home or business, the type of fabrics available through our factory can be trusted to endure. As you embark on this journey of establishing your new home or business as a long term investment, let Acacia Fabrics join you in our vision of long lasting, highly durable fabrics, befitting your timeline of investment.

In this age of avid climate change, customers can be rest assured that Acacia Fabrics has a firm belief in producing eco-friendly fabric materials. As such, you do not have to worry about compromising the environment for style, we have thought this through and have got your back.

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Cleopatra / Collection

Located in Ubi Techpark, this centrally located factory in Singapore can be easily accessed via the MRT or the PIE highway if you opt for private transport. Here you can browse through Acacia Fabrics’ fabric library where there are samples of every colour, texture and pattern you can imagine, evidence of Acacia Fabrics’ passion for fabrics by providing all avenues of choice.

If pressed for time, one can also browse through the 20,000 product designs available on Acacia Fabrics’ official website where options ranging from the edgier and louder collection named the ‘Cleopatra’ to more solid, block colours under the ‘Magni’ line can be found on the digital catalogue. Customers can be assured to receive the same level of choice and quality that pushed this Kuala Lumpur based fabric supplier to regional fame.

As such, if you have a business or home based in the lovely island of Singapore and are looking for fabrics to brighten your property, do come over to Acacia Fabrics’ fabric factory to solve all your fabric related needs. Whether it is for a simple couch or for the long lovely curtains in your lounge, for every taste and every style, one can be assured to be able to rely on Acacia Fabrics to be with you every step of the way.

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