Never Judge A Sofa By Its Cover

July 11, 2018


If there is anything non-human in your home that can claim to have a special relationship with you, it is undoubtedly your sofa. Think about it. When you come home after a long day at work, the first thing you make physical contact with is your living room sofa. Your sofa is where you have most of your family discussions and where your guests sit, whether it be during a celebration or a commiseration. 

Acacia 1 1000x666 FarbenOrleans

Farben Orleans / Collection (discontinued)

In that sense, your sofa is your closest companion or your best friend. Best friends are those who stick by you, support you and most importantly don't bring harm upon you. How is a sofa going to harm me, you may ask?

Here's how. One of the easiest way to sell sofas is to make them look as attractive as possible at the store display and as consumers looking to buy a sofa, we often make our decision based on what we see and feel. “If I like the color and if I like the feel of it while sitting down, it's good for me."Unfortunately, there is much more to a sofa than what meets the eye. Especially with the fabric that covers the sofas.

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Fisco / Collection

Did you know that there are sofa fabrics in the market that are dyed using carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals? Did you know that a simple cigarette butt could light up your whole sofa and eventually burn your house down if the fabric on your sofa wasn’t fire retardant?

Then there is the issue of color fading.

When exposed to light, washed or rubbed against, sofa fabrics that aren't produced with the right dying process could lose their color in a matter of months making your sofa look faded and old.

Acacia 2 1000x666 Avalon

Avalon / Collection

Durability, safety and colour fastness should be primary concerns when shopping for sofas or sofa covers.

Next time you walk in to a store to buy a sofa or a sofa cover, ask these questions. How long will this fabric last? Is this fabric fire retardant and safe to use?

Will the color fade? If the store sells genuine certified fabrics, like the ones we have here at Acacia, then you may safely move on to choosing your favourite color and feel.

But ‘til then, it may be wise never to judge the quality of your sofa through its appearance alone.

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