Maximising Online Fabric Catalogues

July 12, 2018


While purchasing fabrics online may not be the choice method of shopping for many – remotely sampling the texture of fabric through the internet remains an idea of the distant future – consulting detailed online catalogues before an in-store visit may very well halve your time spent searching for the fabric that best suits your taste. 

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Jet Set / Collection

A fabric showroom, with its finite area, can only stock a limited number of designs at a given time and only display as many sample books as its working capital permits.

Heavy, cumbersome and extremely time consuming to flip through on the maiden visit to a fabric atelier, the quicker alternative sees you scrolling through an aesthetically organised list of fabric designs on your phone at your convenience.

See designs that catch your eye? Give a call to your showroom of choice arranging to sample those specific textiles in real life.

This ensures you don’t spend your precious hours thumbing the pages of very thick sample books – shopping for fabrics should never be a chore.

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Runway / Collection

Online fabric catalogues with quick filtering features to narrow down what you’re looking for simplify the whole process – it’s almost like the ‘Guess Who?’ game we played as children! Do you prefer suedes to velvet textures? Is having the prestigious Oeko-Tex label on your upholstery a must? Perhaps you’re only looking for terra-toned fabrics to match the colour theme of your home? These filters do the short-listing so you don’t have to! And once you’ve found the top few fabric contenders to furnish your home, you’ll be able to read, understand and familiarise yourself with their individual specifications before deciding which to sample at a showroom.

As knowledgeable as a salesperson may be about the fabric, researching potential fabrics online first certainly gives you more detail about and makes you more confident in your purchase.

Visualising how new fabrics would fit in with your pre-existing space would be a lot harder without convenient online fabric indexes – the idea of driving many miles back and forth to a shop to decide which fabrics could possibly furnish your home and then taking photographs of said fabrics to see how it belongs with the rest of your furniture sounds a lot like an exhausting nightmare.

At Acacia Fabrics, our customers’ experience and satisfaction are at the forefront of what we do. With our comprehensive online fabric catalogues featuring our stylish collections and quality-ensured products, searching for the right fabric has never been this easy.

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Cafe / Collection

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Nomad / Collection

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