Looking for a Curtain Fabric Supplier Well look no more

May 31, 2019

by Alicia

What does the Queen of England, the rich businessman in town and the Tan family down the street have in common? Whether a republican or a monarchist, a socialist or a capitalist, a singleton or a nuclear family model, these individuals have a common thread running through them. It can be safe to say, that they all probably own CURTAINS. 

That’s right. Everyone needs curtains. It’s needed wherever there is a window in your home (or office). Most rooms have windows in them and that means a curtain is needed in every room, whether it is your dining room or your bedroom, you can bet that there exists a need for a curtain.

Why do we need curtains? Is it because hanging and draping a fabric vertically in a room helps to beautify it? Maybe. Or is it because we want privacy from nosy busybody neighbours? It could be that too. Or perhaps it may be to block out the glaring sunlight piercing into the living room? A practical solution indeed.

Davinci_008 1000x1000

Davinci / Collection

However, whatever the need you have for placing curtains, one thing can be assured, looking for the perfect curtain is not an easy task. It involves finding the perfect shade of colour, in addition to the ideal pattern and texture, depending on your individual tastes. Things become more complicated if it is a family home, as everyone would want a say in the selection and much has to be done to accommodate everyone’s wishes and opinions.

Acacia Fabrics specialises in this field of business, ready and willing to help you with all your curtain related needs as a leading curtain supplier in Malaysia. Acacia Fabrics is headquartered in the Klang Valley and has regional offices all over South East Asia, making it a trustworthy and professional brand with an increasing global outreach.

Acacia Fabrics has over 19,000 options for you to choose from, thus allowing customers to have the pleasure of being pampered with multiple choices when deciding the curtains for your home.

Ranging from bold modern patterns named the ‘Remix’ to more steady, solid and stoic options like the ‘Nomad’, one can be rest assured that Acacia Fabrics has got your back when it comes to curtains.

Naturelle_007 1000x1000

Naturelle / Collection

Furthemore, Acacia Fabrics also has a variety of options in terms of texture, ranging from floral to graphical to stripe patterns under each collection, such as the aptly named ‘Da Vinci’ collection (as the collection’s versatility is attested to through its namesake), illustrating Acacia Fabrics dedication to ensuring creative premium options for its customers.

In addition to such options, Acacia Fabrics couples them skillfully with functionality and pragmatism. This is because its curtain fabrics can be sheer or sunlight blocking or even in between! With options such as ‘Architectual Sheer’, customers can have the option of a partial screen to their windows, offering a lighter approach to the traditional curtain.

Nevertheless, Acacia Fabrics also caters to situations where a thicker, more durable type of curtain is needed, such as its ‘Ultra Dim’ collection which is made to stand the intense glare of the sunlight which also does not easily fade despite the constant sunlight intensity. Collection options like ‘Day Break’ offer a softer approach in between the two options above, illustrating that Acacia Fabrics is highly diverse and is most suited to serve your curtain needs.

SEASONSCAM2 1000x1000

Seasons / Collection (discontinued)

If you are not convinced, perhaps the fact that Acacia Fabrics only supplies high quality fabrics that are tested using the OEKO-TEX and LABOTEX system will help persuade you that Acacia Fabrics is serious in providing premium quality curtain fabrics as a leading supplier in Malaysia.

In addition to this, Acacia Fabrics is dedicated to maintaining an environmentally clean and sustainable business. As such, its curtains are made responsibly in compliance with regulation standards. In today’s age where climate change is a case for genuine concern, one can be assured that Acacia Fabrics is committed to ensuring that its practices are good for the earth and its environment.

As such, at one point of your life, you will be faced with the decision of having to select the right fabric for your curtains to drape your new home. Or maybe you are faced with that decision this very second.


Seasons / Collection (discontinued)

Whatever it is, this moment stands as an important milestone in your life as it most likely entailed hard work and dedication to get you to where you are today. This happens regardless whether it is done in line with the purchase of a brand new home or a new business. Moreover, this also includes looking for a curtain supplier to drape your brand new windows and have it truly reflect the success of your business or personal venture.

Whatever your needs and aims are, you can be sure that buying a curtain takes you through a rite of passage that puts you in common thread with everyone else. However, be rest assured that with Acacia Fabrics, one can depend on Malaysia’s leading supplier to treat you special and right with its myriad of options as you make your choice.

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