Latest Curtain Designs 2023

February 15, 2023

by Wana Che Ujang

Whether you're an interior design expert or haven't changed your home décor in what seems like ages, finding the perfect curtain design can be quite a nightmare. Curtain trends fluctuate, and you may not want to replace your curtains frequently, especially if you've spent your money on high-quality material. Window coverings are a useful and attractive way to add a perfect finish to any space in the home - but it may be tough to know where to begin. With the arrival of the new year, we will assist you in finding the perfect curtain by listing the latest curtain designs of 2023 below:


Stylise / Collection


Naturama / Collection


Minimalism is increasing in popularity, and many people are turning to this trend for their window treatments. The designers seem to rid their interiors of the unnecessary, creating an aura of tranquillity in the life of a modern person who is already overloaded with information from a continuous stream of TikTok algorithms and 24/7 news cycle. When it comes to window treatments for a minimalist home, neutral colours such as white, gray, and shades of blue are a natural choice. As for the types of window dressings, wave pleat drapes are ideal for minimalist style. The crisp folds of the wave pleat provide an uncluttered, charming, and extremely clean drape with sleek lines that requires no additional tiebacks or holdbacks.

Ideally paired with a traverse ripple fold curtain rod, the wave pleat curtains appear stunning when merely pulled back and allowed to outline the window. Another minimalist curtain style is the ring clip drape. Its modest elegance and simplicity make it great for the minimalist enthusiast who wants a light window treatment option and doesn’t load down the space with excessive fabric. One only has to purchase a piece of fabric, attach it to the rings, and slide it onto the curtain rod to decorate the space with this curtain. Clip rings come in C-rings or full rings with a selection of coatings to complement your style. A fuller look can be produced when clip rings are paired with flat fabric panels or pleated drapes.


Majestic / Collection


The Scandinavian area, which includes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, is known for its distinctive traditional textile patterns. These patterns have impacted the usage of various materials to produce Scandinavian-themed curtains, which prioritise comfort, cosiness, and simplicity, and are primarily used for practicality and functionality. This design incorporates the use of woven cotton and linen materials that are airy and sheer, which allows as much natural light as possible. These fabrics effectively scatter daylight throughout the interior, which contributes to the formation of a cosy, pleasant, and diffused daylight appearance. Scandinavian window dressings are often simple and elegant, with shades of cream, beige, black and white, tones of yellow and rust. Colour contrast is also a popular option in Scandinavian design. For example, black finishes and accents are always wonderful colour contrast alternatives.


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It is uncommon to see Japanese drapes outside of Japanese homes, but this style is predicted to grow in popularity. They are sometimes referred to as panels and screens due to their structural aspects, which consist of multiple rectangular canvases that slide to the side. Panels are weighted at the bottom edge to prevent them from twisting. Several tracks and moving elements are needed for each canvas since the sliding panels are arranged in 3-5 rows. Canvases are often composed of natural materials, although they are not restricted to them.

Any medium-density fabric, such as rice paper, bamboo plates, or jute, can be used. Whether you have a tiny flat or a large mansion, this Japanese-style window treatment is suitable for all. There is a wide variety of sizes to choose from, and the panels are typically available in neutral tones such as gray, brown, ivory, sand, or beige. The screens come in two versions - plain and ornamented. Interiors in modern, oriental, boho, and eco-styles will look great with this design.


Eclipse / Collection

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are composed of a fabric that form pleats when they are lifted. This window dressing is made by inserting thin, narrow pieces of slats attached to cords, into the back of a fabric panel. As one raises the blind, the cords pull the slats together and cause the blind to fold into neat, tidy pleats. When the blind is lowered, it becomes flattened, producing a simple and minimalist effect. Due to this feature, they offer simple and efficient light control. The length of the blind may be adjusted based on the time of day or season, and there are blackout alternatives if total darkness is needed.

Furthermore, roman blinds are excellent for window insulation since they can regulate the temperature of the room during hot summer days or freezing cold winters. It is cost-effective to use this type of drapery since you do not have to spend money on air conditioning or heaters. Roman blinds can be found in a variety of fabrics, ranging from silk and linen to cotton and synthetics to suit your personal taste. They are also available in different designs and colours. Another fascinating aspect of Roman blinds is that they also keep a space from being too cluttered and save you time from rearranging your household furniture to ensure they blend precisely with the ambiance of your space.


Sheer Bliss / Collection

Abstract Patterns and Shapes

Curtains with abstract prints add a spark of creative flair to interiors without drawing attention away from the centrepieces. You can be guaranteed that your chosen design will stay contemporary if you choose curtain patterns that are manufactured in limited quantities. If you want to be on the safe side, there are numerous alternatives that radiate the playfulness you prefer. They have delicate abstract patterns or shapes that are toned down to harmonise with the other elements of the room. The great part about these curtains is that they are available in a wide range of patterns, colours, and motifs to fit any preference or aesthetic.


After Dark / Collection

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are window treatments comprised of two layers of tightly woven material that is made to fully block out the light. This is achieved by applying a coating to the fabric that seals the small pores in the weave. The fabric is thick and dense, which provides thermal insulation by decreasing the amount of cold air that enters the room through the window and by blocking direct sunlight, the room will become slightly cooler during the hotter seasons. This curtain also has a “muffling effect” which absorbs the exterior noise. Furthermore, blackout curtains shield furniture and flooring from sun exposure and discoloration, making these high-priced items last longer.


 Eclipse / Collection

French Pleat Curtain

French pleat is a classic style of drapery heading, which has three-fingered pinch pleats formed by arranging the material into small folds and then pinching them together to form pleats. There is a uniform space between each pleat, forming an even gather and a smooth fall. The way French pleat drape produces large folds when the curtains are shut and tidy rows of tight folds when the curtains are parted. Also, they can be tied at the waist to form an hourglass silhouette. French pleat curtains may be made from any textile, but they look particularly great in heavy fabrics like velvet or damask. The fabric used to make well-made French pleat curtains is usually two and a half times the window width. Instead of being tightly squeezed together, pleats appear the best when they flare slightly at the top.


Bassilk / Collection

Pencil Pleat Designs

Pencil pleat curtains have folds of fabric that are firmly gathered to form a semi-cylindrical heading that looks like a series of pencils. The fabric falls effortlessly to the ground as it emerges from its tight folds. This type of curtain header is compatible with all types of tracks and poles, and it adds a stylish and sophisticated touch to any space, offering a fantastic option for many users. Fabrics with a lighter weight will have a softer fold, while heavier fabrics will appear stiffer. A pencil pleat curtain can be lined to provide both sun protection and insulation during the winter.


 Transit / Collection

Eyelet Curtain Design

Eyelet curtains, also known as ring-top curtains, are modern curtain headings that are hung directly onto the poles. In contrast to traditional window treatments that use header tape, eyelet curtains use metal rings to produce uniform, delicate pleats with fabric that flows elegantly to the floor. As a result, they do not require as much fabric to achieve their structure, unlike taped headings. The measurement of the fabric needed is only one and a half times the width of the window. Eyelet curtains are typically hung in two panels, one on each side of the window. The curtains can be drawn open by gathering them into the tie-back fittings placed on each side of the window, and they can be closed by removing them from the fittings. If you have a set of windows along the wall, eyelet curtain panels can be suspended in pairs in the middle of each window.


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Tab Top Curtain Design

Tab top curtains are basic panel curtains that hang from a rod or ornamental pole by loops or tabs placed at the panel head. Despite the simple design, little details can be used to embellish the panels. For instance, the appearance that the curtain is buttoned onto the panel can be created by placing decorative buttons at the point where the tab meets the panel itself. These curtains are available in sheer and lined options. Sheer curtains are ideal for dining areas, kitchens, or dens with sliding glass doors along one wall. Lined curtains may be an excellent choice for a bedroom which requires more privacy. Moreover, curtains with tab tops may be used to give the bathroom a fresh look. A unique shower curtain may be made by hanging tab top panels on a second pole across the shower area. By doing this, you will find it easy to suspend a shower liner on the inner pole, keeping the exterior panels dry.


Riviera / Collection

Pelmet Curtain Design

A curtain pelmet is a form of curtain header made of plywood that is created to conceal curtain rods and fixings while adding flair and character to any space. The origin of curtain pelmets can be traced to the Renaissance era in the 15th century, when many kinds of art were prevalent. During this era, designs for buildings, clothes, and even minor decorative items for the home were quite widespread in order to provide the greatest and most creative look for each household. Pelmets are typically decorated or upholstered in a printed or neutral fabric that matches the design of your curtains or room. You may go with a basic conventional box type that can be matched with curtains and furnishings to give your room a very majestic traditional feel, or you can go with a more modern shape to give your space a trendy, dynamic, and contemporary look. A contemporary look can also be achieved by using straight, sharp lines, a boxy pelmet shape, basic patterns, and single neutral colours such as light brown, gray, or white tones.

The Takeaway

Selecting the right curtains is undeniably important regardless of your aim of using window dressings - as centrepiece of the room, to filter sunlight out, or to provide insulation against cold weather. Check out many curtain design options from Acacia Fabrics to complete your interior. 

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