Labotex: The Label You Need

December 5, 2018


You’ve probably seen their signature blue logo on our fabrics and you do know, with a vague idea, that it’s a quality symbol of sorts. But what exactly is it? We break it down for you today in this article, explaining why the Labotex stamp of approval isn’t just another trivial thumbs-up but is a symbol you should actively seek out when deciding which fabrics should furnish your home.

Labotex Tensile Strength 1000x666

What Is It?

It’s all in the name – Labotex is a certification issued to fabrics by a similarly named independent textile laboratory (this means they aren’t obliged to produce positive reports or conceal results for any particular company). They place fabrics under various stresses and test conditions to assess their durability and safety. The fabrics must pass these tests by falling within acceptable levels of wear-and-tear in order to receive the certification.

What Does It Test?

Get ready – you’re about to see a very, very extensive list summarised for your benefit.

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  1. Wear Tests – Labotex examines how well the fabric holds together despite constant use. These tests apply friction to the fabric 5000 times.

     a. Martindale Wear Resistance Test: Compressed abrasions

     b. Pilling Test: Stamped-down, pressurized abrasion

     c. Wyzenbeek Test: North American to-and-fro abrasion

     Important to know if… you plan to repeatedly sit on your sofa.

Labotex Tensile Strength 1000x666

2. Tear Tests

a. Seam Slippages: If the seams move when fabric is pulled in opposite directions.

b. Tensile Strength and Elongation: How much the fabric can be stretched vertically before snapping.

c. Tearing Strength Wing-Shaped: How much force is needed to pull fabric apart horizontally.

Important to know if… your sofa slip covers or cushion covers have to be stretched when put into place.

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3. Labotex Colour Fastness Tests

a. Friction: If the colour transfers from the tested fabric when another fabric is rubbed against it. 

Important to know if… you do not want your aquamarine sofa turning your beige shorts an awful shade of green.

b. Light: At what light intensity the fabric begins fading.

Important to know if… your curtains are used to block out light but you want to make sure that they remain vibrantly fashionable.

c. Wet Washing and Dry Cleaning: The intensity of colour lost when fabric is dipped in water, machine washed or dry-cleaned.

Important to know if… you’re hygienic and plan to wash your upholstery fabrics at least occasionally.

Labotex Dimensional Stability Tests 1000x666

4. Labotex Dimensional Stability Tests

a. Draping: If fabric changes shape when hung

Important to know if… you hang your upholstery fabrics to dry or have any curtains at all in your home.

b. Washing, Dry Cleaning, Ironing (With and Without Steam): If the fabric becomes more drawn out after going through basic cleaning processes.

Important to know if… you want your fabrics to stay in shape even after routine cleaning procedures.

Labotex Fire Testing 1000x666

5. Fire Retardancy (FR) – Labotex checks the fabrics to ensure they comply with the following international and industrial FR standards. Note: FR means the fabrics drastically slow down the spreading of fire but does not guarantee the fabrics remain undamaged.

a. International Maritime Organisation FR Standard

b. European FR Standard

c. French Standard

d. British FR Standard

e. USA FR Contract Drapery Standard

Important to know if… you don’t want your house to be destroyed in mere minutes thanks to your sofa and curtains fuelling the fire.

In Conclusion

If you found yourself nodding or agreeing to any of the “Important to Know If” segments, Labotex is definitely a label you should be looking out for! Labotex gives you the peace of mind knowing the fabrics in your home and work spaces are only of the best available quality.

Source: Labotex

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