Kitchen Curtain Designs that Just Make Sense

May 4, 2021


In today’s modern home, kitchens are no longer just a place where you cook your meals. Nowadays, kitchens are a place where your family and friends gather, which is why your window curtains need to be as beautiful as the rest of your house – yet still be functional. Kitchens have a higher requirement for cleanliness and safety, compared to most of the rest of the home.

Today, homeowners are looking for curtains that not only offer privacy but also let in as much light as possible. They are also looking for curtains that look beautiful and match their current decor. After all, your home is where you spend most of your time – more so during times of pandemic. Much more than a cosmetic consideration, the right curtains will improve your life and impress your visitors. Knowing how to select the latest in current styles will show your fashion savvy and make your home a welcoming place for all.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. So, to have a warm, beating heart for your home, here are some of the latest ideas for kitchen curtain designs. Who knows? Maybe one or two or more of these ideas will find their way into your home.


Valances used to be thought of strictly as complements to curtains, but valances used alone are now more popular than ever, and you should consider them among the modern curtain designs available. They change a bare window into a home fashion statement while still blocking out some of the sun’s rays and potentially unsightly outdoors. You can dress up or dress down your valances as you need to. Whether you choose a classic, elegant look, a vintage look, or a more rustic look, you can’t go wrong with a valance, alone or paired with curtains or blinds.


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The Elegant Valance

When you’re looking to make a grand statement of opulence, choose a gold or gold-trimmed white valance in a classic style made from heavy fabric that will drape down elegantly. This valance will definitely look impressive in your kitchen. While you might consider this type of valance more commonly suited for a curtain design for living room, these valances work well in the kitchen also. If your kitchen is bedecked with marble and steel, this valance design will go well with the theme.


Source Credit : Hammers and High Heel

The Country Valance

If you have a more country-styled kitchen, choose a valance that will give your kitchen a homey feel. Burlap valances, gingham chequered valances, and even a wooden board imprinted with a country design or saying will bring a little country into the city. You can use a choice of design like this to bring a warm, family feel into your kitchen. You’ll love this if you gravitate more toward a casual, informal style.


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The Vintage Valance

Do you want a vintage look to your kitchen? Vintage designs are always a little whimsical in nature, since you’re evoking the look of a bygone era. It can be fun, like a way to play dress-up with your kitchen. If you like that vintage feel, choose a valance with a larger, vintage pattern in black and white, or some other suitable “bold but old” colours. Your kitchen will have a retro feel you’ll enjoy.


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Roman Shades

If you’re looking to create more of a classic and elegant atmosphere in your kitchen, Roman shade valances give your kitchen windows an understated elegance. Choose any colour and print that matches your decor, and you’ll have beautiful windows. The Roman style has heavy influence on modern western designs, so go for Roman shades if you want to go for a classic look that’s going to prove timeless.

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Café Curtains

A familiar sight along European streets, café curtains are hung at eye level on a café rod. These curtains extend from the café rod to the bottom of the window. This window treatment gives your windows an Old-World flair and provides some casual privacy while at the same time letting light in. Choose solids, sheers, or patterns when purchasing your curtains to fit your overall decor. Chequered patterns are also a popular choice for café curtains. Who wouldn’t like to have their very own little café in the comfort of their own home?

Sheers for a Classic Look

One of the latest curtain designs steps backwards and takes a cue from the past. Sheers as window curtains are always in style. They provide a measure of privacy yet let in quite a bit of light, making them classic, romantic and practical all at the same time. Whether you choose to make them window length or floor length, tied back or left hanging across the span of the window, sheers give you a space of your own while letting the sunlight filter in.

If you need your window treatments to do more, sheers are extremely versatile too. You can pair them with valances and solid curtains to give your windows a layered look, or you can leave them all by themselves. It really depends on the effect that you want to create. They’re great for apartments and can help hide the unsightly haze of the big city, while at the same time bringing sunshine into what could be a drab space. Mix and match your sheers to your hearts content and create a look and feel for your kitchen curtain designs that’s exactly your own.


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Curtain Rolls

Similar to rolling shades, curtain rolls afford both style and personality to your windows, while giving you privacy – when you need it. Curtain rolls are simple curtain designs that can improve any kitchen. You can dress them up with valances and side curtains if you want, or you can use them alone for an understated look. Don’t think of curtain rolls as just a way to black out your windows, though. Some come in sheer designs that let the sunlight in while maintaining privacy and creating a sophisticated look.

Curtain rolls can come in solid colours, but patterns allow you to express your personality. Go retro with flowers, eclectic with bold stripes or patterns, or simple with understated designs. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be showing off your windows in style. Choose curtain rolls when you want a kitchen window treatment that you can adjust according to your needs.


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Roman Shades

If you’re looking for a style that’s classically elegant, there’s something about Roman shades that exudes understated opulence. Understated yet incredibly versatile, their layered look improves any window. Whether you choose a colour block scheme, sheer, linen, or a more solid, colourful approach, you’ll enjoy your kitchen far more when you can keep them open and look out, or close them for more intimate settings. The benefit of shades is that they can be opened and shut based on how much light and privacy you require at any given moment.

Colour Blocked Roman Shades

Roman shades that have a dark, contrasting colour at the top and a lighter colour below are said to be colour blocked. When you raise the shades, only the dark colour shows. When you lower the shades, you have a lovely two-tone effect. Simple and effective, they add colour as well as offer superb privacy. Go for colour blocking when the effect you want is something bold and confident.

Sheer Roman Shades

Roman shades can also come in a sheer version that enables the sunlight to come in even when the shades are closed. They often have enough material to provide excellent privacy and provide a way to enjoy your kitchen without the neighbours peering in. But you’ll probably want to raise them on clear days, just because the beauty of Roman shades is in their folding. Get sheers with or without dark accents to coordinate with your kitchen. Sheer Roman shades have that old romantic and classic look about them.

Solid Colour Roman Shades

If you’re looking for something even more classic, nothing says it like a solid-coloured Roman shade. Choose white or beige linen to complement your colours in your kitchen. These natural colours evoke the ancient Roman world and can lend a touch of elegance and timelessness to your kitchen. Great for wine and cheese parties!

Patterned Roman Shades

Who says Roman shades can’t be fun? Don’t think that Roman shades have to be solid. On the contrary, you can choose fun patterns that add both colour and beauty to your kitchen. Choose floral patterns, bold stripes, or other patterns that match your decor. While of course departing from the old Roman classical style, the beauty of patterned Roman shades is that you can put a fun, modern, whimsical twist on an old style. The juxtaposition of colour and pattern against an ancient mechanism can provide interest and uniqueness to any kitchen look.


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Half Curtains for That Laid-Back Look

Another popular trend, half curtains draped over hooks can offer a simple solution to blocking out the sun, while still giving plenty of visibility from the window. If you’re looking to make your kitchen look more laid back, or if you want to downplay the elegance, try a solid colour half curtain for a homier flair. This kind of treatment is good if you want to have a more relaxed, casual atmosphere that whispers, “It’s all right to break the stuffy rules in this kitchen.”

Versatile Blinds and Shutters for a Window Treatment

But if you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy while still being able to fully look out your window, consider choosing blinds or shutters, alone or with a valance or side curtains. Wooden shutters offer beauty, and blinds – either vertical or horizontal – offer privacy without detracting from your window coverings.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are a more permanent fixture on your windows, which can be painted or stained to match your decor. The wood material gives a feeling of warmth, but when closed, they offer privacy that can only be matched by blinds. If you decide on stained shutters, choose a wood that will complement your decor. As wood is a natural material, consider whether you want a fine or coarse grain, and choose a stain that matches the lightness or darkness that you want. Additionally, stains also come in different colours nowadays. Your wood shutters therefore can even be stained according to colours of your choice.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are classic and still popular, coming in many colours that can match your kitchen curtain designs. Although you can use them alone as a window treatment, they still look spectacular when paired with a valance or side curtains. Horizontal blinds provide great privacy and versatility – you can close them to shut out the outdoors completely, or you can open them to let the sunlight wash in. At the same time, you can dress them up with sheer or solid curtains and valances to create a beautiful look that’s precisely what you want in a kitchen mood.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds add a layer of sophistication to any window. Like horizontal blinds, they come in a variety of colours. Pair them up with valances or side curtains for a more elegant treatment. Vertical blinds provide a somewhat more current, less classic look than horizontal blinds. All the benefits of horizontal blinds, but with a less formal look. Vertical blinds also are more relaxed in the privacy that they provide, as they are more easily parted or pushed aside than horizontal blinds.

Curtains for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking to dress up your kitchen or give it more of a laid-back look, you can do this with your window treatments. The tools in your toolkit are sheer and solid curtains and valances, as well as horizontal and vertical blinds. Using these options, you can mix and match to change the mood of the room with their style, colour, and patterns. Choosing the right window treatment is vital for today’s sophisticated household. Not only does it create the perfect home environment for your family and guests, but it shows your personal style and just how savvy and fashion aware you are.


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