How to Make Your Sofa Covers Look Amazing

October 13, 2020


Sofa covers add a lot of functional value to your sofa. They protect it from stains and dust; have many design choices; are easy to clean; and are much more affordable to purchase and maintain.

However, choosing a well-fitted sofa covers and maintaining their crisp, clean look can be a bit of a challenge.

In this article, you will learn how to choose sofa covers that suit your preference, and how you can keep their fresh look for years to come.

Step 1: Finding the Right Size

The first thing you need to do is to measure your sofa.  

Sofa covers are made for all kinds of upholstery: loveseats, L-shaped sofas, armchairs, stools, dining chairs, recliners and many more.

Hence, it is important to know what dimensions you are working with:

The Breath of Your Sofa Start from the bottom edge at the back of your sofa, then over your backrest and seat and stop at the bottom edge in front of your sofa. This will ensure that your whole sofa is covered.

The Length of Your Sofa This includes the outer bounds of your sofa’s armrests.

The Distance between the Bottom of your sofa and the floor If you are considering getting a skirted sofa cover, this will help you find the right length for your ‘curtain’ edge.


Make sure you trace over the curves of your sofa to get accurate measurements.

Once you know which measurements you are working with, you can find sofa covers that cover your boundaries.

Here are some of the general measures for common upholstery items:

Sofa: 190 to 249 cm

Loveseat: 150 to 180 cm

Chair: 80 to 100cm


If you are buying cotton sofa covers, buy sofa covers that have 10% more fabric than what’s required in your measurements. This will account for any shrinking of the cloth that happens over the years.

Extra length will also need to be considered for recliners too. How much you’ll need depends on how far the recliner will move. However, putting a sofa cover on your recliner will restrict its movements regardless.

If you are customising your sofa covers, you can also test the shrink factor of a cotton fabric before production by washing a sample of it once or twice.

This will help you determine the best cotton fabric you need and the measurements the tailor will be working with.

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Step 2: Matching Your Sofa Covers to Its Purpose

Sofa covers have been widely used for centuries due to its high functionality.

Back in the medieval ages, sofa covers were used to protect furniture from dust, insects, rats and weather changes. During the Elizabethan era, sofa covers became seasonal fashion statements for the upper classes because they can easily be exchanged for different designs.

Whether it’d be to avoid damage on your sofa or changing the sofa’s appearance, find sofa covers that match with your ideal purpose.

For example: if you are looking for a sofa cover that protects your furniture from pet scratches and accidental spills, find sofa covers that’s easy to put on and remove, and can be washed frequently.

FibreGuard’s stainless fabrics are also a good choice for sofa covers. When spills occur, whether it’d be tomato sauce or ink stains, they can be removed easily with a few dabs of clean water.

Try one of their Cotton or Polyester series today.

To find the right sofa cover that fulfils your purpose, you have to look at its materials and fastenings.


Fabric Material

There are many kinds of fabrics that sofa covers can be made from, all of which are functionally different from one another.


Luxury Textiles

Linens: Light and airy fabrics that give off a neutral yet fresh look. Although they wrinkle more than other fabrics, they give off a magical impression when paired with lace, curtain edges or bows. These sofa covers are good for fancy restaurants and wedding dinners.

Leathers or Faux Leather: These fabrics will need to be customised to; however, it will be a perfect fit for your sofa while adding a layer of class and eloquence to your room.

Velvet: These fabrics are known to make homeowners feel like royalty within a home, especially when they are paired with deep jewel or earth tones. Surprisingly, velvets are also very fun to sit on and cuddle against, especially for little kids.


Family Friendly Fabrics

Polyesters: These cloths are easy to wash, do not wrinkle easily and are comfortable to sit on. Although they’re not as comfortable as cotton, they are ideal sofas covers for families with the right fastenings.

Cotton: These are the most comfortable cloths out of all the fabrics listed. They’re also the most versatile in design as they come in all shapes and patterns. They can be machine washed too. But they can also shrink, hence the sofa cover may not retain its shape after a few years.


Comforting Cloths

Microfibres: These fabrics have fuzzy exterior and a thick, soft texture that is comfortable to sit on. They are also easy to wipe stains off from. They are good for family homes and places where you will receive a lot of guests.

Suedes: These unique rustic fabrics will surely make your sofa stand out as a piece of feature furniture. It also looks very inviting to sit on with its soft shiny surface. However, they can be left with stain marks and require a high cleaning commitment



Fastenings also play a big role in determining the functioning of your sofa. They also need to be paired with the right fabrics to fulfil its purpose

Elastic: These stretchable bands are easy to use and, if tailored correctly, are the ideal fastenings for perfect-fit sofa covers.

If the fastening isn’t of the right length, the sofa cover could tear around the seams or have an unsightly baggy appearance. Get high-quality elastic bands and test them out before purchasing a sofa cover with elastic bands.

Strapless: These stretchable sofa covers have sown in tight edges can perfect fit the sofa’s shape and form. It does not have any visible fastening materials so it gives the sofa a clean, undisturbed look.

Ties: Strings and ribbons do not perfectly wrap around the sofa, but they can be adjustable to different kinds of upholstery. You do need to adjust the knots occasionally, but the bows and string add a nice, subtle accent to your sofa.

Zips: You will need to use multiple pieces of sofa covers with zips to completely cover your whole sofa. However, sofa covers with zips fit your sofa perfectly and will not slip off.

Depending on the design of the sofa cover, you can have small zippers that are hidden in strategic places or large zips that are exposed as part of the design.

Hooks and Fastens: These straps are more commonly found on sofa covers for stools and ottomans, as well as throw slipcovers. Not only do they hold the covers well in place without slipping, but they are also easy to put on and remove.

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6 Kanvas

Kanvas / Collection

7 Melton

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8 Deluxe

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Step 3: Choosing Your Style

Most designs for sofa covers are for appearance sake but they can play into the functionality of a sofa cover as well.

If you want your sofa cover to naturally fit on the sofa like a second skin, look out for form-fitting sofa cover. They help look your sofa look tidy and they hardly wrinkle due to being made a stretchy fabric.

Because the fabric is stretchy, they will be hard to put on at first. But with practice, the sofa’s firm yet curved edged appearance will be worth it.

For a better fit, it’s better to choose sofa covers that wrap around individual parts of the sofa such as two-piece covers. Two-piece covers will usually have one sofa cover for the frame, and another for the seat.

One-piece sofa covers can be used as well if you want a modern look that puts the couch together.  

On the other hand, you can choose a skirted sofa cover to get a light and breezy impression of your sofa with a romantic overtone. To complete this romantic look, choose neutral or white coloured fabrics.

These sofa covers usually cover up the whole sofa right down the floor. Hence; these curtain edges can give your sofa an elegant touch and make the bottom of your sofa ideal hiding spots for your belongings.

Furniture throws are another kind of sofa covers only the general seating area, leaving the sofa’s back and the sides exposed

Though they may not necessarily protect the sofa from dust or changing weather conditions, they do prevent accidental spills. They also easily removable and give your sofa a unique look that catches the attention of your visitors.

9 Ranch

Ranch / Collection

Kanvas_002 1000x1000

Kanvas / Collection

11 Ranch

Ranch / Collection

12 Soul

Soul / Collection

Step 4: Maintaining Your Sofa Covers

Choosing the right sofa cover carries most of the heavy lifting in making your sofa look awesome. Afterwards, it is up to you to keep up its freshly covered look.

Some basic housekeeping rules to maintain your sofa covers are:

  • Tuck in the edges of the sofa cover after use;
  • Avoid unnecessary movements while sitting;
  • Check the fastenings once in a while.

When it comes to our children, we often think of avoiding them from making a mess, but teaching them how to care for the sofa covers would be a much easier solution.

Show your children how to clean up the sofa after using it and establish sofa cover care as a house rule. Your children are independent enough to help you care for the sofa.

As for pets, it is possible to teach your pets like dogs or cats to treat the sofa with care through training if they are young.

However, it may be easier to discipline them not to sit on the couch or keep them from entering the room in the first place. How you raise your pet is a personal choice so it’s up to you to choose either option.

Cleaning your sofa is an important part of sofa cover maintenance. Usually, sofa covers are cleaned or replaced every 3-6 months.

Depending on the fabric, there are three different ways to wash your sofa covers:

  • Machine wash: Many fabrics like cloth and polyester can easily be washed along with your clothes with cold water and a gentle whirl. For efficient cleaning, vacuum the sofa cover while it is on the sofa before putting it in the washing.

  • Hand wash: This works well with large stubborn stains. It effectively gets rids of stains without damaging the fabric; though it can be more time-consuming.  

  • Dry Cleaning: This method is most suitable for unconventional fabrics like leather or suedes which have more elaborate cleaning methods. They are also a good option if you want that fresh-off-the-store look.


If the stains on the sofa are small, you can always dab it away with clean water and maybe a bit of soap without having to remove the sofa cover.


Final Thoughts

To make your sofa cover look amazing, you will have to:

  • Know the purpose behind the sofa cover;
  • Ensure that the sofa cover fits your couch;
  • Put in the effort to maintain its appearance.

Once you do, your sofa will continue to fresh and brand new for years to come.

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