How to Choose the Right Kitchen Curtain?

November 28, 2018


Curtains play a huge role in a home where they can determine the mood of the whole room they are in. When we talk about kitchen curtains, they are no different as well. Coming in a variety of styles, fabric types and colour, there is a wide choice for you to choose from.

A curtain plays a different role in different parts of a home, if you are looking for kitchen curtains to liven up your cooking space, here are a few things to consider:

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The Art of Simplicity

Having a fancy curtain with swags and tails are more suited for much more formal rooms such as your bedroom or living room. It is more advisable to have something simpler in your kitchen in order to blend in with the overall ambience.

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Fabric Patterns & Design

It is important to identify the theme of your kitchen first before proceeding to getting a fabric because you need it to go well with the room in order for it to work. Take for example, having a contemporary kitchen and a western style kitchen. Because they are both different thematically, therefore you need to select a fabric that matches this. Done properly, curtains are a great way to add colour, especially in an environment with neutral colours. Bear in mind that cabinets and flooring are also a factor to take in to consideration.

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Types of Fabrics

The fabric used for your kitchen curtain is also determined based on external factors such as sunlight. If you are receiving an abundance of sunlight, do opt for something that can offer fade resistance as your curtain colours might dull over time. However, be mindful of where your curtains will be hung and positions of appliances such as stoves because they pose a fire hazard if you are not careful.

Kitchen curtains are also more prone to grime and oil stains due to all the culinary activity in that particular room. So a material that is easily washable is something you might want to consider unless you are planning to change your curtains very often. They should be easy to wash and do great with oil, grease and stubborn stains. Look out for stain-free fabrics and fire-retardant fabrics. You may want to check out FibreGuard and FR-One fabrics to start.

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Length & Width

The width of your hanging rod may be the starting point for taking measurements of your kitchen valance with the depth chosen being an important factor. You would want the size of the valance to be proportionate to the size of the window and curtains. Having too short of a valance might make them look out of place, so a good tip is to never hang it lower than 1/3 of a window.

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