Every Interior Designer's Dream, a Fabric Warehouse

February 20, 2019

by DAV.L

This is a classic case (or not) of you who just graduated from relatively the best Interior Designing school. All excited to take-on-the world you is looking to be your own boss and start an interior designing business. You have already decided your target market, found an office, created sketches for your portfolio and covered every corner of social media. But have you found your suppliers? In this case, a fabric supplier. Of course, there are tons of options if one would just do a search online. But often enough, a lot of these suppliers do not have an office, let alone a warehouse. With countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam and India exporting fabrics across the world, would they be able to guarantee consistent quality, quantity and variety? Not to mention, efficient delivery as well.

Acacia Fabrics Office 2000x780 Library

A fabric warehouse to an interior designer is like a candy store to a kid. It is one place they can go and be sure to find something they want. And often enough, that place doesn’t disappoint. 

Having a virtual catalog is not good enough. Clients these days are smarter. They want to be able to see and feel the fabrics before deciding on their purchase. Hence, have access to the actual product is necessary. Agree, there are companies that do not have a local warehouse but are still able to provide you with samples to touch and feel, but what happens if the delivered product is not up to standard or defers from what you have seen and feel on samples prior to purchase? How long would you have to wait for a replacement, or a refund? How do you ensure or even gauge the credibility of a fabric supplier? This is something to seriously think about.

The whole process would be a nightmare for both you and your client. Which is why, working with a supplier that has a fabric warehouse in your country is a benefit. Site visit to the warehouse, quality checks, and change of product or even additional orders can be placed much more efficiently.

Acacia Fabrics Office 2000x780 SampleBook

Having access to the latest collections, and feeling comfortable with the brand quality the fabric supplier promises is key to every interior designer. One of the ways for you to confidently curate for your clients is having the backup from the fabric warehouse. Be it curating for a house or a commercial space, one usually does not use the same design or colors for the entire place. There are themes to play with and section areas to be created, so to provide a more interesting experience. Therefore, having a wide selection and the ability to supply in big quantities is equally as important. More so, when it comes to supplying to a commercial space with many outlets and franchises. Services such as delivering on time and replacing fabric, which are genuinely faulty, are two greatest support you would want to look for when it comes to choosing a fabric supplier/ fabric warehouse to work with. 

So, if you think having a fabric warehouse locally is not that important, think again.

Acacia Fabrics Office 2000x780 Warehouse

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