Every Home Needs a Superhero – The Sofa Protector

January 23, 2019

by DAV.L

Happy FriYay! As I would call it. After a weeklong worth of hard work, it is time to wind down. Alternatively or maybe, paint the town red. For me, I would prefer to paint my own house red. House party!

House parties are always the best parties, especially if you are the guest. All you do is show up and have fun. But then again, being the host has its perks. I love throwing house parties because I enjoy cooking up a feast, and pairing them with some “good” drinks.

With parties, your friends do not all come at the same time. The early ones are usually ushered to the good ole comfy sofa. Since it is one of the most important, most time spent on furniture, it is a must to ensure not only are the cushions in good shape, awesome covers is necessary. When I say awesome is a necessity, I meant it from a cool and trendy look and a hardy quality aspect.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Bay

Bay / Collection (Discontinued)

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Kronos

Kronos / Collection

I have to say, since I got myself some covers from Acacia Fabrics, almost anything that needs a cover I would be thinking Acacia Fabrics. Their FibreGuard - stain-free technology fabrics keeps the covers looking brand spanking new. I am sure we would not want our guest to be sitting on some shabby, funky smelling sofa, or do we? It is quite a breeze to have this superhero (FibreGuard) around at home.

Back to the party. As the night goes on, one drink usually leads to one too many drinks. And very often, I don’t just wake up the next morning with a hangover, but I also wake up to a throbbing headache from friends who didn’t make it home the night before. Some are found lying in the guest room, and almost every time, there would be one or two hanging on and over the sofa, snoring away. What comes naturally along with the headache is, “thank god for sofa protectors”. And of course I am glad to know the sofa is comfortable enough for a night’s sleep.

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Mantra

Mantra / Collection

Acacia Fabrics 1000x666 Cairo

Cairo / Collection

Now, the worse part of throwing a party is about to start, the cleaning up. If you are even slightly obsessive-compulsive disorder and love napping on the sofa, it is probably the last place you want to lay your head on after a wild night at your place. The potential smell, soil and leftovers collected overnight is just too gross! But hey, I have a superhero in the house. Cleaning the covers are a breeze. No need for sending them to the dry cleaners anymore. Imagine how much you actually save! Again, thanks to FibreGuard technology that I love so much, it literally protects the sofa and keeps the covers stain free and cleaning made easy. This is extremely crucial to me, because I want to be able to lay in the sofa and fall asleep without having to worry of its cleanliness and hygiene.

At the end of the day, some things are just worth every dollar you spend, and Acacia covers are one of those for me. It is one of those things that, you find no reason to hunt for something better. At least I know for sure, my sofa is well taken care of, and so am I.

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