Curtain Fabrics to Maximize and Minimize Sunlight

October 23, 2018


Curtains play a critical role in controlling the amount of natural light that enters your room. Being rudely awakened by the harsh morning sun rays can be detrimental to your sleeping patterns, while a dark living area with limited natural light can be depressing in the long run.

Hence, when selecting the fabrics for your curtain, it is important to first have an idea of whether you want to minimize or make the most out of the natural light coming through your windows. Before deciding on your curtain fabrics, there 3 main terms you should know: Blackout, Dimout and Sheer.

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Blackout Fabric

As the name suggests, blackout curtain fabrics will completely block outside light from coming in through your window. If you are a sleeper who prefers waking up to an almost completely dark room in the morning, then blackout curtains will be your best choice.

With a special lining that prevents any light from cutting through, blackout curtains are also perfect for providing you with the ultimate privacy from prying eyes, as it is impossible to peer through even at night when your room is lit.

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Dimout Fabric

Dimout fabrics are one of the most common option for curtains. Unlike blackout fabrics, a dimout curtain will allow some light to pass through. When in contact with light, it will cause your curtains to give off a glow. This effect can be particularly beautiful especially if the selected fabric comes with a pattern, as the sunlight will illuminate the design causing a mesmerizing look.

If you are a sleeper who prefers being waking up to gently filtered sunlight, then dimout fabric is the choice for you.

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Sheer Fabric

Amongst the 3 types of curtain fabrics discussed here, sheer fabrics offer the least resistance to light passing through, blocking little to no sunlight at all whilst still affording you with some privacy. Generally made of very thin, lightweight and mesh-like material, sheer fabric is a great option if you want the maximum amount of natural light in your room without leaving the windows bare.

Sheers are also perfect for brightening your room whilst creating a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere – after all, there is nothing that says soft elegance like a gentle breeze billowing through your sheer curtains. While light or neutral-colored sheers are usually the safe choice, you may also want to consider picking a bold-colored sheer for a pop of vibrancy and distinction.

If you are looking for a perfect combination that will allow you to maximize sunlight when you need it, and yet keep the room dark when you want the privacy – pairing sheers with either a dimout or blackout fabric will give you full control over the amount of light into your rooms. In addition, layering the two different types of fabrics will also your windows greater depth and timeless sophistication.

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