Curtain Complications: Custom-made or Ready-made?

August 2, 2018


Getting new curtains is an exciting project that can quickly become stressful and full of uncertainty as you battle with the many choices that stand in the way between you and the drapes of your dreams.

When it comes to selecting between tailor-made or off the rack curtains, it all boils down to your personal preferences and requirements. If you find yourself caught in this dilemma, we’re here to help you weigh the pros and cons of each to decide what will best suit your needs.

Ready-Made Curtains

Buying curtains off the rack gives you the option of jazzing up your space simply by stepping into a store, selecting a readily available curtain design and purchasing it on the spot. It is a conveniently fast and hassle-free way to get new curtains that you can hang up right away.

Also, with so many stores available, access to diverse range of colors, designs and materials will pose little difficulty to selecting a curtain of your preference. If you don’t find a design that will suit your room, simply pop over to another store for a look.

Ready-made curtains will also allow you to shop within your budget range and can cost much less than custom-made, depending on the brand, material and quality of your selected curtain.

On the downside, store-bought curtains generally come in standard sizes while most windows don’t. Ready-made curtains rarely ever fit well, and usually need some hemming to get the length right. In particular, if you have windows that have an unconventional shape or size, then finding a ready-made curtain is going to be a challenge.

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Custom-Made Curtains

Like a bespoke suit, custom-made curtains are one-of-a-kind and tailored to exactly the way you want your window treatments to be.

You get to have a say on every aspect of how the final product will turn out; from choosing the color, design, fabric, length…the choice is in your hands. With an endless selection of fabrics to decide from, you can be absolutely sure that your custom-made curtains will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your interior design and fit perfectly against your window measurements.

In other words, if you have an idea of how your drapes should look, custom-made curtains can make that vision a reality.

On the flipside, the entire process of making custom-made curtains from square one can take some time; from fabric selection, to taking your window measurements, right up to sewing the actual curtain - it can be quite time-consuming. So if you are looking to get your windows dressed in a jiffy, then custom-made may not be the choice for you.

Budget-wise, custom-made curtains are also usually more expensive as you will need to factor in costs for the workmanship needed to give your windows that tailored fit.

The bottom-line is, window treatments can give the atmosphere of a room an entirely new lease on life; and for a new house, the curtains you pick could be part of that personal touch which will make you feel right at home. Whether you decide to go with tailor-made or off the rack, you can be sure that both options can work in your favor – do what’s best for you!

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