Bedroom Curtains Done Right

November 30, 2018

by Martin Ooi

The majority of modern homes across the world will have some kind of window dressing, it could be decorative voile, traditional curtains or blackout blinds. Although having curtains in a room does serve as a means of aesthetic appeal, it does serve a higher purpose as well. Despite it being a fundamental factor in our morning and bedtime routine, a large percentage of us actually look in to these details.

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Why Do We Need Bedroom Curtains?

The bedroom is without any doubt, one of the best places to use curtains not only as a type of décor, but also functioning as a tool to help us achieve some quality sleep as well. That being said, having the right type of curtain in your room can not only bring out the warmth and comfort, but affect how well you snooze. They not only help us to achieve a good amount of privacy by blocking out intruding eyes, but also external light as well. If you have ever been woken up by a ray of external light while you were asleep, you know that light actually jolts the brain in to waking up and heavy curtains and blinds are one of the best solutions for preventing unwanted rays entering our rooms.

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Curtain Science

Now, we are going to talk a wee bit about science to help you understand how having curtains in your bedroom can actually help you sleep better at night. If you have ever been rudely awakened in the middle of the night by someone barging in to your room and switching on the light, you will understand how it is a pain and how hard it is to fall back to sleep then after. So how does light wake us up? It is due to light stimuluses traveling along our nerve pathways from the retina in our eyes to an area in the brain called the Hypothalamus. It works like an internal clock that triggers a patterns of activities that affects the entire body, resulting in us waking up. It is advised by experts to have curtains in our bedrooms to block out all unnecessary light sources such as street lights or car headlights seeping through our windows in the middle of the night. According to Dr. Susan Biali from The University of London, even a small amount of external light will suppress the release of a hormone called melatonin, which induces relaxed sleep.

Now that you have learnt the importance of bedroom curtains, let us proceed to the next step.

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Picking the right curtain for your bedroom

Buying a curtain might be a difficult call, especially after knowing how important they are to your health. Selecting the right fabric, colour coordination, length and more, there are so many decisions to make to the point that it becomes overwhelming. Curtains play a vital role in setting the mood in a room, especially if you are talking about a bedroom, where comfort and warmth is essential. Making the wrong decisions however, might turn your bedroom in to a gloomy mess. Thus, it is important to remember that curtains should be part of the overall décor and not something that sticks out.

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Colours and Patterns

In order to achieve the perfect colour contrast of your bedroom, you first need to determine the mood you are aiming to achieve when you return to the comforts of your private “hideout “after a long day. No matter choice you decide upon, the rule of thumb is to never have colours that blend with the wall colour, or else you would just be adding another layer of awkwardness to your wall rather than a curtain.

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Depending on who occupies the bedroom, it is important to know that type of fabric is suitable in order to prevent yourself from changing curtains on a frequent basis. There are quite a few fabrics which you could consider such as faux, silk, linen and velvet. By having the right fabrics, it improves the overall look of your room. Lighter fabrics will allow for more lighting to penetrate while heavier one will block out most lights, further darkening a room.

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