Be Mesmerised 2018

April 9, 2018


March 5-6, 2018 / Acacia Fabrics HQ Office, Kuala Lumpur

70 fantastic range of mix and match fabrics imported from Belgium; a class of quality and safety standards most sought after by the hospitality and marine industries; great popular appeal amongst the crowd for its authentic design and durability features - trotting out in most renowned Interior and Home expos in March and April across South East Asia.

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The events recently hosted by Acacia centred on the idea of crafting impressive spaces with not just regular fabrics, but stain free technology fabrics. With FibreGuard - stain free technology fabrics, making a red carpet entrance turning fabrics, interior fashion and hospitality impression, comfort and safety competition into one that is worldwide and talk of the town. Indeed, this addition has seen the highest percentage of entries and demand, enabling projects and dealership to open doors to the whole world.

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The events brought together a stellar group of residential, commercial, hotel and resort interior designers, interior project managers, furnishing dealers, showroom owners and credible sofa manufacturers.

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Even the latest addition to the Acacia Safari - the limited edition Miyaki made cameo appearances spiffing up the ambience with vibrant colours, our guests gleaming with gaiety cuddling it home.

Watch Event Video here.

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