Artsy Personality And Fabric Shopping

June 4, 2018


There is much more in your personality than you realize. All you need to do is de-clutter your mind and mood and make a few good fabric investments. Treat fabric shopping as if you are building a gorgeously majestic wardrobe of outfits for different occasions- just dressing up spaces and corners at home instead.

Acacia 2000x780 Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody / Collection

Acacia 2000x780 Museo

Museo / Collection

There are many ways to make your home looking and feeling different if you are adventurous by nature. You could start by identifying notions to each room, for instance, zen and feminine for bedroom. Vibrant yet romantically comfortable for the living, bright, simple and modern for the study, unconventionally witty for play room and dramatically noir for the music/ audio video room. With this liberty in mind, fabric shopping will be funtastic! There are myriads of designs and patterns you could choose from when you go shopping for fabrics. Here are some pattern glossary to help you describe your preference when you go fabric shopping.

Acacia 2000x780 Genii

Genii / Collection

Acacia Fabrics 2000x780 Genii_006

Genii / Collection

Art Nouveau- flowing curves, foliate motifs;

Awning Stripes- usually vertical, wide and even stripes of solid colors on a lighter ground; there also the

Barcode stripes resembling stripe patterns in a barcode

Chevron- design of zigzags, also known as herringbone; Chintz- glazed fabric;

Damask- jacquard woven motifs;

Geometric- lines, circles, ellipses, triangles, rectangles and polygons; Moire- ripples, wavy lines;

And others like the gingham checks, ikat pattern, texture, trellis, and a whole lot more.

Acacia 2000x780 Izumi

Izumi / Collection

Sardegna_010 2000x780

Sardegna / Collection

For the more orthodox and conservative charm, the essential basic forms the core of your abode. Fabric shopping will take a different approach for this personality style. Solid colors will lay the foundation for the main pieces like sofa and drapery, then apply layering concept such as sheers to drapes, colorful pillows to sofa and unique piece of ottoman for a modern trendy abode.

If a cool ambience is preferred, fabric shopping will likely swayed toward the cool end of the spectrum inspired by cool winter and ocean depth. Light turqoise, shades of lavender, or salmon pink will be gorgeous as drapes. Flowing in to a warmer atmosphere, fabric shopping could turn to pale yellows, emeralds, rosy red, peach, amber orange or gold as layers on your sofa in a form of pillows and ottoman that creates an interesting ensembles every time. Neutrals are the best as sofa fabric colors. When fabric shopping for sofa colors, scope for shades of rock cool gray, taupe, cream, mushroom brown and mocha.

Now fabric shopping has gotten more meaningful and interesting. Through fabric shopping, we can discover, explore and unravel the hidden talent of interior decorating.

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