Acacia Fabrics Brings its Passion as a Fabric Supplier to Singapore

March 10, 2020

by Alicia Gomez

When one mentions the country Singapore, the image of a nation with a bustling trade hub and an ever expanding foreign investment profile springs to mind. Consistently listed as one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia by Forbes 2018, the country of Singapore is mighty despite its small geographical spread enveloped by much larger countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Strangely enough it is this very precise geographical location, strategically located in the heart of South East Asia and at the crossroads of the emerging Middle East market and Asia that makes Singapore the pristine geographical hub of commerce many find it to be.

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It does not hurt that this thriving economy also has an annual GDP of 323.9 billion USD and is the fifth largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment in the world. The country’s political stability, efficient regulatory systems and tax incentives makes it the Mecca destination for foreign investment, lending the nation economic prestige and financial prosperity.

It is against this backdrop of economic prosperity and prestige that Acacia Fabrics, a leading Malaysia based fabric supplier, has rooted its regional office. With 25 years of experience in the fabric supplier trade, Acacia Fabrics has been consistent in its aim to be a regional leader in fabric supplies for South East Asia. This is evidenced by its presence in Thailand, Vietnam and in this instance, Singapore

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Located in Ubi Techpark, Acacia Fabric’s regional office in Singapore is strategically located, much like the strategic nature of Singapore’s geographical status. Like all other Acacia offices in SouthEast Asia, customers can browse through a selection of textile designs. Ever felt spoilt for choice? Well with Acacia Fabrics, you can be.

Acacia Fabrics’ has over 20,000 product options ranging from the sultry Sphinx line to the sensible Colourwash line, proving that Acacia Fabrics’ motto for a ‘Passion for Fabrics’ is well evidenced and thus true to its word.

Choose from lustrous choices of dark or light solid colours to striking visualistic patterns. No two people are ever the same. Here at Acacia Fabrics we believe that the same logic applies: your home or business should reflect your unique and one of a kind style and character.

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Moreover, Acacia’s Singapore based regional office pledges to provide its customers with the same quality and style that brought this Kuala Lumpur headquartered family brand the prestige it has garnered. Much like the thriving nature of Singapore’s economy, reflected in its luxuriously inspiring architecture and trade profile, Acacia Fabrics is a brand of luxury and quality.

Acacia Fabrics is a quality product because of its OEKO-TEX and LABOTEX. OEKO-TEX tests fabrics for harmful substances and ingredients while the LABOTEX system helps to ensure Acacia’s fabrics are produced to the very best quality, according to the highest international standards. What this means to customers is that our fabric products are clean, non-toxic and safe for everyday use. And I am willing to bet that that couch in your family living room or your favourite armchair in your office is utilised everyday! Thus, why would one opt for any other fabric brand if Acacia Fabrics encapsulates all of these must-have features?

In addition, if you have children who love to get down and dirty while playing in the house, you’ll never have to fret as Acacia Fabrics’ are catered and adjusted for play!

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Furthermore, Acacia Fabrics’ is of good durable quality. It is acknowledged that in today’s era, counterfeits are everywhere. However, here at Acacia, you’ll never have to worry about issues commonly associated with these items: your couch fabric thread fraying out or your bright vibrant colours fading away unreasonably over time. At Acacia, you can be rest assured that the product you buy is truly an investment worth your time and money.

Beyond this, the fire retardant feature of our fabrics also buys time as it does not burn easily. What this means to customers is more time to run and get help. In situations like these, time is precious. You will never have to worry about a fabric that easily burns in your family home or business office. This is because here at Acacia Fabrics’, we not only sell products, we care.

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As such, Acacia Fabrics’ commitment to the highest international standards and quality in its regional Singapore office stands as a testament to the brand’s overall commitment that led to its position as a leading fabric supplier in South East Asia.

Very much like the bustling trade hub resulting in the financial vibrance of Singapore, Acacia Fabrics’ presence in Singapore highlights the commitment it has made to become a household and office brand name as a pioneer of high quality fabrics.

Therefore, should you be based in Singapore and are looking for a well established fabric supplier for your curtain or couch fabric related need, be rest assured that you can rely on Acacia Fabrics’ to take care of that need with its finesse quality and experience.

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