3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Drapery Fabric

November 13, 2018


For as beautiful as they make your windows look, trying to pick out the perfect drapery fabric to glamorize your rooms can be a daunting chore. This is in addition to the million other interior design decisions you have to make, in particular when redecorating your home.

Which is why we’re here to give you some tips on 3 things you should consider before embarking on the journey of buying new drapery fabrics - so you can have both a delightful shopping experience and make good judgment on your new purchase.

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1. Take Down Your Window Measurements

Making note of your windows’ measurements is the first and most crucial step in the drapery fabric selection process. In order to make sure that your new drapes fit perfectly well, properly measuring (and jotting down those measurements!) will help your fabric supplier know how much you need. This will allow you to create that bespoke, tailor-made look for your window treatments.

Not quite sure what are the measurements required? Measure the width of your curtain rod (or windows if no rods installed yet) from left to right. You will also need to measure the length of your windows or the area that you want your drapes to cover.

If you are opting for full-length curtains, you should also measure the length for the floor to ceiling. A good curtain installer should be able to advice you on the drapery fabric requirements based on these measurements.

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2. Know Where To Shop

Before setting off on your drapery fabric shopping spree, it is important to first find out where to shop. Ideally, you should look for reputable sources of fabric suppliers that will offer you:

A broad selection of drapery options – including a varied range of textures, colors and designs; and

Assurance of good quality – so that you can have peace of mind that your drapery fabric is certifiably tried and tested to be safe and assured overall quality.

For more tips on how to choose a good fabric supplier, read here.

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3. Put Some Thought into the Fabric

Clearly, the type of drapery fabric you decide on will make a huge difference in the look and feel your room, which is why it pays to put a bit of thought into what kind of fabric you want before you make a firm decision on the drapery of your choice.

Many people make the mistake of selecting their drapery fabric as an afterthought, instead of planning the room’s design holistically. This can lead to a mishmash of soft furnishings haphazardly put together into room with no clear direction on the overall aesthetic and feel of the décor. So before choosing a drapery fabric, you should take into account the style and design of the room. This will help you coordinate your drapery fabric with the other materials, finishes and furnishings within the same shared space.

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